In any undertaking the size of a roleplaying game system, a certain number of errors will inevitably slip in. Before Last Unicorn Games ceased publication, errata lists were generated for a number of products, and posted on their web site. Unfortunately, errata lists were only posted for four of their books. Those errata lists are reproduced below.

All printings

Page 67, "Ship's Counselor Overlay": The Personal Equipment (Choose Specialization) 1 (2) skill was omitted and the Vehicle Operations (Shuttlecraft) skill should be listed at 1 (2), not just 1.

Page 70, chart: The "Area Knowledge" skill should actually read "World Knowledge."

Page 71, chart: The Mixed Species Heritage is incorrectly listed at +3 in the Early Life Advantages chart when it is actually worth 6 points.

Page 71, chart: Under the Skills section of the Early Life History chart the "Sidearm" skill actually should read "Energy Weapon."

Page 72, chart: The Starfleet Medical package provides 10 points worth of skills/Advantages for the 8 points allotted to this development stage. The Narrator should include an appropriate 2 point Disadvantage.

Page 74, 2nd column: Remove the word "Template" should be deleted from the second sentence to reflect that fact that Templates do not affect the number of times a character may alter their edges.

Page 126, chart: The modifiers for the Aim maneuver were omitted. They are "1 Difficulty per round spent aiming.

Page 134-135: The example incorrectly states that a character"s Strength Edge adds additional dice to damage. As per the Combat Chart on page 126, a character"s Strength Edge should be added/subtracted from the damage rolled.

Page 213, chart: The column headings on the "Environmental Power Systems" chart are reversed.

Page 236: The Phaser II pistol and Phaser III rifle are both listed as having a size of 25 cm long, 0.8 L in volume. They are both also listed as having a mass of 0.6 kg. The Phaser III rifle should have a length of 50 cm, 1.6 L in volume, and weigh 1.3 kg.

Page 267: The Klingon example Template incorrectly lists a Klingon"s maximum Intellect at 6. Their maximum Intellect is in fact 5.

First Printing: February 1999

Page 6, 2nd column: References to "intrepid marines" refers to Starfleet Rapid Response Teams.

Page 6, 2nd column, last sentence: NCC 1701-D should not be italicized.

Page 8, 2nd column, first paragraph: The first sentence should read, "These Voice Wars spread across the continents of Tellar."

Page 9, 1st column, last paragraph: Subsequent references to "supermen" should not be within quotations.

Page 10, 2nd column, first paragraph: Missing hyphen, "Once it was constructed, initial tests of the warp-drive indicated success." In all other instances of "warp drive" (pages 11, 12, and others), the correct usage is "warp-drive."

Page 10, 2nd column, second paragraph: Hyphen usage, "The Andorians gave up on making their way to the stars for over a century-and-a-half, losing contact with all of the Andorian colonies."

Page 12, 2nd column, 2nd paragraph: The Cochrane, a vessel, should be italicized.

Page 14, 2nd column, last paragraph: The word "federation" in this context is not a proper noun and should not be capitalized.

Page 16, 1st column, 4th paragraph, 4th sentence: Two errors: "Gnarr of Tellar designed the basic spaceframe of the Daedalus-class, originating the primary/secondary hull with the warp nacelle structure still used by Starfleet today."

Page 26, boxed text, 2nd column: "GM"s" should be replaced with "Narrators."

Page 30, 2nd column, 1st paragraph: D"deridex-class should be italicized.

Page 41, 1st column, 5th paragraph: The second sentence should read, "When both the UFP and the world agree that the time has come for full membership, the planet gains voting rights in the Federation Council and becomes a full member world."

Page 47, 2nd paragraph: The starship Enterprise should be italicized in the last sentence.

Page 52, 1st column, 5th paragraph: The starship Enterprise should be italicized.

Page 70, boxed text: The merchant marine starship template should have 100 Structural Points (Size 5 x 20).

Page 82, 1st column, 2nd paragraph: The next to last sentence should read, "Even the Starfleet Rapid Response Teams utilize starbases as forward outposts."

Page 82, 1st column, 3rd paragraph: Before using an acronym for the first time it should be parenthetically referenced (i.e. Judge Advocate General (JAG)).

Page 86, 1st column, 4th paragraph: The use of "C-n-C" refers to Chief in Command.

Page 91, 2nd column, 1st paragraph: The SI acronym throughout the text stands for Starfleet Intelligence.

Page 94, 2nd column & boxed text: Admiral Castillo is referred to as an old man in his late sixties and also being 41 years of age. Admiral Castillo is in fact 41 years old as the boxed text indicates.

Page 95, boxed text: Boothby has a minimum of five Courage Points.

Page 99, "Phaser Targeting Module": The Phaser Targeting Module lowers all difficulty numbers by 2, not to 2.

Pages 135 & 141: The U.S.S. Denmark is listed as both a Norway and Saber-class starship. The Denmark is a Norway-class cruiser.

Page 141, Vessels: The Denmark & Luxembourg are actually Norway-class starships.

Pages 147-155: Picard, Riker, LaForge, Beverly and Wesley Crusher, and Barclay should all have a minimum of five Courage Points each.

Page 148: Picard"s Diplomacy (Intergalactic Affairs) 4 (5) was omitted.

First Printing: December 1998

Page 21, 1st column, 4th paragraph: Reference to Starfleet Marines should refer to Starfleet Rapid Response Teams.

First Printing: December 1998

Page 20, 2nd column: "The blood of the slain clerics flowed down the carved steps of the mountain, and, according to legend, that is the reason that the stones of Seleya are tinged red to this day (although modern Vulcans will tell you that the real reason is the high concentration of iron oxide in the soil)." Vulcans have green, not red, blood.

Page 38, 1st column, last paragraph, 1st sentence: The closed parenthesis at the end of the sentence should be ignored.

Page 57, 2nd column, 2nd paragraph: A Galaxy-class starship is an explorer, not a cruiser.

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