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Support materials for Among the Clans: The Andorians, including Places of Interest and Andorian Fighting Styles.
"The Skull and the Sword" - A Holonovel of the World of Boralia. An epic fantasy scenario on the holodeck.
Expanding the ICON System, Guidelines for tailoring the rules to your campaign needs.
Additional material on Arms Dealers, Generic Rogues, Detailing Havens and Patrol & Security Vessels for your rogue campaign.
Notable personages in the Sol System from Pluto Station, Outpost 92, Jupiter Station and Utopia Planitia Shipyards.
The Tal Diann, Romulan Military Intelligence and Internal Security.
Soldiers of the Planetary Command, Ground Forces in the Romulan Star Empire.
Romulan Vel'Tar Class Dropship.

Excerpts: Introduction and Andorian History: Built on Blades.
Excerpts: Introduction and A Tangled Web.
Excerpt: Introduction.
Excerpt: Stations and Starships.
Excerpt: Tactical.
Excerpt: Character Creation.
Excerpts: Introduction and The Klingons.
Excerpt: Masters of War and Destiny

Character Record Sheet and other forms for Star Trek, the Next Generation.
Character Record Sheet and other forms for Star Trek, Deep Space Nine.
Character Record Sheet for Star Trek.
Shipboard Locations from A Fragile Peace: the Neutral Zone Campaign, Volume One.
Sol System Map from Starfleet Academp.
Starfleet enlisted rank insignia.

An introductory adventure for Star Trek, the Next Generation, by Dave Biggins

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