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Where No Man Has Gone Before; The Enterprise Sourcebook, by Volker Maiwald
No Fear From the Wind; The Enterprise Season II-III Sourcebook, by Volker Maiwald
Once More Unto the Breach; The Movie Era Sourcebook, by Volker Maiwald
Star Trek: Voyager, the Role-Playing Game,
by Volker Maiwald
Eternal Vigilance; The United Federation of
Planets Sourcebook, Volume 2
, by Volker Maiwald
A Time To Stand; The Maquis Sourcebook,
by Dan Gurden
The Artificial Lifeforms Sourcebook,
by mactavish
The Cardassian Sourcebook,
edited by Kevin Thomas
A Time For Heroes, a Sourcebook for the
Pre-TOS Era, by Richard Tongue
The original LUG Trek Netbook
by Patrick Murphy
The Dulcais Sector Sourcebook:
A Post-Dominion War Setting
, by Kevin Thomas
Painted Ladies of the Stars:
Prostitution in Star Trek
, by Owen E Oulton
An Open Mind; Mindmelds and Empaths:
The Psionics Sourcebook
, by Dan Gurden
Ferengi Career Paths,
by Dan Gurden
Law Enforcement Sourcebook,
by Dan Gurden
Federation Peace Corps,
by Dan Gurden
Starfleet Survival School,
by Dan Gurden
USS Venture Sourcebook,
by Dan Gurden
Master Trill Character Generation,
by Dan Gurden
The Think Tank Sourcebook,
by Mark J. Brenton
The Call of the Prophets:
The Bajor Sourcebook
, by Dan Gurden
NEW! Nova Class Technical Manual,
by Lawrence J. Cohen

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