Name: Asher Baphus
Rank: Lieutenant, j.g.
Position: Security Chief
Assignment: U.S.S. Hood, NCC-42296

Species: Human
Gender: male

Fitness 5
Coordination 5
Intellect 5
Presence 5
Empathy -2
Psi 0

Administration (Starship) 2 (3)
Athletics (Running) 1 (2)
Computer (Data Alteration/Hacking) 1 (2)
Culture (Genetically Engineered Human) 3 (4)
Dodge 1
Energy Weapon (Phaser) 2 (3)
History (Federation) 1 (2)
(Genetically Engineered Human) (2)
Language, Federation Standard 2
Law (Starfleet Regulations) 2 (3)
Personal Equipment (Environmental Suit) 1 (2)
Planetside Survival (Desert) 1 (2)
Security (Security Systems) 2 (3)
Shipboard Systems (Tactical) 3 (4)
Starship Tactics (Federation) 2 (3)
Systems Engineering (Security) 2 (3)
Unarmed Combat (Starfleet Martial Arts) 3 (5)
Vehicle Operations (Shuttlecraft) 1 (2)
World Knowledge (Kazin Beta IV) 1 (2)

Arrogant, Athletic Ability, Dark Secret (genetically engineered human), Department Head (Tactical), Intolerance (Romulans), Phobia (telepaths), Promotion (Lieutenant, j.g.), Rapid Healing, Sworn Enemy (Lieutenant, j.g. Amadeus Dumois), Tactical Genius

Courage: 5
Resistance: 5
Renown: 14
Aggression: 2
Discipline: 3
Initiative: 1
Openness: 2
Skill: 5

Asher is a genetically engineered human raised by his own kind on Kazin Beta IV. His peple were made up of survivors from Noonian Khan’s escape from Ceti Alpha VI, hidden from the Federation along the Romulan Neutral Zone.

The Romulans conquered the planet and his people were enslaved. By paying off some Breen merchants, he escaped into Federation space. Once there he created an identity for himself and enrolled in Starfleet Academy.

He was one of the finest students in his class and offered a place in Red Squad, which he readily accepted. It went well until he had a falling out with the leader of Red Squad, Amadeus Dubois. What the argument was over, no one knows, but Cadet Dubois was hospitalized.

He chose presidential security for his first assignment, thinking that it would lead him into greatness. Instead, he found himself a small cog in a very large machine. Dissatisfied, he requested assignment to a starship. He was granted his request and now serves aboard the U.S.S. Hood as Chief of Security.

Due to the fact that he hides the secret of his origins, Asher distrusts telepathic races and feels very uncomfortable around them.

Personality & Appearance
Asher looks like a European male with leathery, weather-beaten skin and a shock of sun bleached hair. He moves, thinks, and breathes with an air of regality. Although he is not so vulgar as to proclaim his believed superiority, he certainly leaves people with that impression. He never loses his temper. Instead, he speaks in a venomous, condescending tone when people anger him. He fancies himself Lucifer in Paradise Lost.

Submitted by Dave Biggins
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