Name: Baran Deela
Rank: Ensign
Position: Engineer
Assignment: Dyson Base; Runabout USS St. Lawrence NCC-72480

Race: Bajoran
Gender: female
Age: 29

Fitness 2
Coordination 2
Reaction +1
Intellect 3
Presence 2
Willpower +1
Psi 0

Athletics (Running) 1 (2)
Computer (Modelling) 2 (3)
Culture (Bajoran) 2 (3)
Demolitions (Booby Traps) 1 (2)
Dodge 1
Energy Weapons (Phaser) 1 (3)
Espionage (Forgery) 2 (3)
History (Bajoran) 2 (3)
(Federation) (3)
Bajoran 2
Federation Standard 1
Material Engineering (Structural/Spaceframe) 1 (3)
Personal Equipment (Tricorder) 1 (2)
Physical Science (Chemistry) 2 (4)
Planetside Survival (Urban) 1 (2)
Propulsion Engineering (Impulse Drive) 2 (4)
(Warp Drive) 2 (4)
Shipboard Systems (Sensors) 2 (3)
(Flight Control) (3)
(Transporters) (3)
Systems Engineering (Transporter/Replication Systems) 2 (3)
Vehicle Use (Shuttlecraft) 1 (2)
(Ground Vehicle) (2)
World Knowledge (Bajor) 1 (2)

Innovative +1
Medical Remedy (Bionic Arm) +2
Physical Impairment (Missing Arm) -2
Species Enemy (Cardassians) -4
Vengeful (Cardassians) -2

Other Statistics
Courage 4
Renown 1
Aggression: 0
Discipline: 0
Initiative: 1
Openness: 0
Skill: 0
Luck: 0
Resistance 2

Early Life: Guerilla
Academy Life: Advanced Research Engineering
Cadet Cruise: Shakedown Cruise
Tours of Duty: Shakedown Cruise (7 years)
Baran Deela spent her formative years fighting in the Bajoran underground. When Bajor was liberated, she joined Starfleet in order to gain training which would benefit Bajor. Her first tour of duty was aboard the USS Hornblower NCC-75443 on its maiden cruise. Deela lost her right arm to plasma burns suffered while shutting down a runaway Warp Core. She did not respond to regeneration therapy and wears a bionic replacement as a result.

Description and Personality
Height: 1.7m
Weight: 55kg
Complexion: dark
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Ensign Baran is a petite Bajoran woman with dark hair, eyes and complexion. She is extremely religious and wears an ornate earring to show her devotion to the Prophets. She believes that since the Emissary (Captain Benjamin Sisko) is from the Federation, the Federation holds the future of her people. Like most Bajorans, she is fond of spicy food. Her musical tastes run to traditional Bajoran religious music. She is shy with strangers, and always high collars to hide her plasma burn scars. Her bionic arm and hand are almost indistinguishable from the original.

Submitted by Owen E. Oulton
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