Name: Dino Manetti
Rank: Petty Officer 1st Class
Position: Social Sciences Specialist - Anthropology
Assignment: Dyson Base - Duck Blind One

Race: Human
Gender: male
Age: 31

Fitness: 2
Vitality: +1
Coordination: 2
Intellect: 2
Perception: +1
Presence: 2
Willpower: +1
PSI: 0

Athletics (Parises Squares) 2 (3)
Culture (Human) 2 (3)
(Lintillan) (3)
(Klingon) (2)
Dodge 1
Energy Weapon (Phaser) 1 (2)
History (Human) 1 (2)
Italian 2
Federation Standard 1
tlhIngan Hol 1
Law (Starfleet Regulations) 1 (2)
Life Sciences (Exobiology) 2 (3)
Personal Equipment (Tricorder) 1 (3)
Planetary Sciences (Meteorology) 1(2)
Planetside Survival (Forest) 3 (4)
Shipboard Systems (Sensors) 1 (2)
Social Sciences (Anthropology) 2 (5)
(Archæology) (4)
Unarmed Combat (Brawling) 1 (2)
World Knowledge (Fiorenza Nuova) 1 (2)
(Novus II) (2)
(Lintilla) (2)

Promotion (Petty Officer 1st Class)
Code of Honour (Starfleet Code) -4

Other Statistics
Courage: 5
Renown: 1
Aggression: 0
Discipline: 0
Initiative: 0
Openness: 0
Skill: 0
Luck: 1
Resistance: 3

Background Notes
Early Life History: Colonist (Fiorenza Nuova colony)
Enlisted Training History: Field Study
Tours Of Duty:
  1. New World Survey Team (Novus II)
  2. Klingon Exchange Programme
  3. New World Survey Team (Lintilla)
Dino Manetti was born and raised on the Federation colony world of Firoenza Nuovo, where he spent most of his free time in the woods. At age 18, he joined Starfleet in order to see the Galaxy. He has attained that goal, surveying two newly discovered planets and spending a tour on the Klingon Homeworld, Qo'noS.

Description and Personality
Height: 1.85m
Mass: 100kg
Complexion: swarthy
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Dino Manetti is a tall, portly Human of Mediterranean descent. He is excitable, beoming wildly enthusiastic over the slightest nuance of any culture which he is studying. He is outgoing and friendly, but sometimes puts people off with his latest enthusiasm. Dino is constantly on a diet to keep his weight down, but frequently loses the battle in favour of a large slice of cherry cheesecake.

Submitted by Owen E. Oulton
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