Name: Brad Newman
Crewman 1st Class
Position: Science Specialist
Assignment: Dyson Base

Race: Human
Gender: male
Age: 23

Fitness 2
Coordination 2
Intellect 2
Presence 2
Empathy +1
Willpower +1

Administration (Logistics) 1 (2)
Athletics (Hockey) 3 (4)
Culture (Human) 2 (3)
Dodge 1
Energy Weapon (Phaser) 1 (2)
First Aid (Wound/Combat Trauma) 2 (3)
(Human) (3)
History (Human) 1 (2)
Federation Standard 3
Life Sciences (Biology) 3 (5)
(Microbiology) (4)
Medical Sciences (General Medicine) 1 (2)
Personal Equipment (Tricorder) 1 (3)
(Medical Tricorder) (2)
Shipboard Systems (Sensors) 1 (3)
Medical Systems (2)
World Knowledge (Earth) 1 (2)

Athletic Ability +2
Pacifism -2

Other Statistics
Courage: 5
Renown: 1
Aggression: -1
Discipline: 0
Initiative: 0
Openness: 0
Skill: 0
Resistance: 2

Background Notes
Early Life History: Athletically Inclined
Enlisted Training History: Field Study
Advanced Medical Training
First Tour: Medical/Rescue Mission
Brad Newman was born in Ottawa, Canada on the North American continent on Earth, and spent most of his time at the local arena playing hockey. At age 18, he enlisted in Starfleet and was trained as a biologist. He took additional training as a medic, and served on the medical ship USS Banting during the Dominion War.

He is assigned to Dyson Base as a Life Sciences technician and also serves as the station's medic.

Description and Personality
Height: 1.8m
Mass: 80kg
Complexion: tanned
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: hazel
Brad is tall and tanned, with thinning hair and a short beard. He is quiet in demeanour, and enjoys playing hockey in the HoloGym against recreations of the great players of the game. He is fond of classical music, particularly John Williams.

Submitted by Owen E. Oulton
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