Name: Kenneth Woods
Rank: Lieutenant, j.g.
Position: Engineering
Assignment: U.S.S. Gallant, NCC-74206

Species: Human

Fitness 2
Coordination 3
Intellect 3
Presence 2
Willpower +1
Psi 0

Athletics (Martial Arts) 2(4)
Computer (Modeling) 2(3)
Culture (Human) 2(3)
Dodge 1
Energy Weapons (Phaser) 1(2)
History (Federation) 1(2)
(Human) 1(2)
Federation Standard 3
Law (Starfleet Rgulations) 1(2)
Personal Equipment (Tricorder) 1(2)
Physical Science (Computer Science) 1(4)
(Mathematics) 1(2)
(Physics) 1(2)
Planetside Survival (Jungle) 1(2)
Propulsion Engineering (Warp Drive) 1(3)
Shipboard Systems (Computer) 2(4)
(Transporter) 2(3)
Systems Engineering (Computer Systems) 2(4)
(Transporter/Replication Systems) 2(3)
Vehicle Operations (Atmospherinc Craft) 1(2)
(Shuttlecraft) 1(2)
World Knowledge (Earth) 1(2)

Arrogant -1, Innovative +1, Promotion (Lieutenant, j.g.), Rival (Lieutenant, j.g. Patrick Frakes, U.S.S. Gallant NCC-74206) -2

Resistance: 2
Courage: 3
Renown: 1
Skill: 1

Early Life: Academic Upbringing
Academic Life: Intensive Theoretical Science Program
Cadet Cruise: U.S.S. Gallant NCC-74206
Tours of Duty: Shakedown Cruise

Kenneth Woods, ever since he could remember, is fascinated by computers and other electronic devices. His family, recognizing his potential, enrolled him at the Starfleet Academy.

At the Academy, Woods met another student interested in engineering, Patrick Frakes. They both took the same classes and grew to be friends. Then on their Cadet Cruise, they both were assigned to the U.S.S. Gallant. This is when a friendly rivalry formed - even though they were friends they still kept trying to outdo each other.

They parted ways after graduation. Frakes stayed with the Gallant and Woods left for the U.S.S. Hornblower (NCC-75443). But after only six months of the shakedown, he decided he wanted to stay with Patrick Frakes and requested a transfer back to the Gallant.

He then stayed there and became almost a part of the "natural" crew.

Personality and Appearance
Woods is a Caucasian male human with long brown hair with mustache and beard. He has green eyes and if left out exposed to natural light for a specific amount of time (approximately three days) they turn blue. He may seem to be an expert in computers and the related even though he is only just out of school. He likes to show off when around his rival, Patrick Frakes.

Submitted by Jim Hughes
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