These species have been established on-screen in the live-action TV shows (Enterprise, Star Trek, Star Trek, the Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager) and the various Star Trek movies. Some are only mentioned in dialogue, and others are based on background aliens seen but not explicitly named - names for many of the latter are derived from scripts of from other studio notes.

A few Templates are provided as alternates to those official Templates in the various rulebooks, or were created before the official Templates were published.

From time to time, more than one version of a species Template has been submitted; when this happens, the different Tamplates are numbered in the order they were received.

These species are derived from non-canon sources such as the Star Trek animated series, novels, comic books and games.

These are original species created by your fellow Narrators for use in their own games and shared here for your use.

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