Way back in dim uncharted regions of the past, I ran across Frank V. Bonura's site, the Star Wars Deckplan Alliance. It was an eye-opener, but I only had a passing interest in it, being interested mainly in Star Trek gaming. Don't get me wrong, I love Star Wars, too, and have many of the D6 books in my gaming library. At the time, I didn't see any application to my own work at generating deckplans. As time went by, people began requesting M20 deckplans. I didn't connect this at first to the SWDA's efforts, but I gave people permission to base their M20 works on my deckplans. Recently, I found Allen Rolfes' M20 deckplans for Masao Okazaki's USS Capella at the Starfleet Museum, and saw that it would, indeed, work for Starfleet vessels.

Newly excited, I began tinkering with some external views of several Starfleet shuttles. Now, I'm hooked. I decided that the three scales were slightly too restrictive, since Starfleet vessels (even the small ones) were large enough that M20 was too large a scale - so I added an M5, or 5 pixels and M1 (1 pixel to the metre) for large ships like the Constitution class Heavy Cruiser to M20, M40 and M100. I will be converting all my deckplans on my other site over to this system, but will use this page to tie it all together.

Update: It has come to my attention that there was a schism some time ago at the Star Wars Deckplan Alliance which led to the formation of a rival group called the Star Wars Design Alliance (There appears to be some rancour between the two groups). They were the ones who introduced the term "M20" and stated that it is not the same as Bluescale, Bluescale being Imperial and M20 being metric. I crunched some numbers and came up with the following: Bluescale is 1 pixel = 2". 20 pixels is 40" since 1 metre is 39.38", this is very close, and seems of no consequence at the resolution - a difference of 0.625" over a distance of 39.375", or 1.6% - except on larger ships. Therefore, even though I consider the difference to be negligible, I'm officially dropping the colour coded terms, and going with the simple M1, M5, M20 et cetera

Many Thanks to Frank V. Bonura for an intriguing idea, and to Allen Rolfes for showing me it could work for Star Trek, Lee Braden for introducing me to the SWDA and all the folks at Trek-RPG.net forums for all the enthusiasm and support they've shown me over the years.

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Inspired by the work of Frank V. Bonura and the Star Wars Deckplan Alliance