The USS Centaur appeared in Star Trek Deep Space Nine's "A Call to Arms". and susequently was seen in the background in a few images, presumably as another ship of the class. Its class was never identified, but the model itself was labelled USS Buckner after the model's builder, so I have dubbed it a Buckner class starship. The model bore the number NCC-42043, but this was visible on screen and thus is established as the Centaur's registry, so I chose the registry NCC-42040 for the Buckner. It does not bear an NX number, since as was seen with the Excelsior, when a class ship enters service it is relabelled with an NCC prefix (the Defiant was a special case, as it continued to retain experimental status). Wikipedia calls the Centaur a destroyer, but I consider it more likely to be a scout class vessel.

The best-looking of all the so-called Frankenstein fleet of kit-bashed models used mostly as background filler in Deep Space Nine's Dominion War sequences, the model was encrusted with greeblies painted copper, most of which I have chosen to ignore, while some of which I have substituted with standard phaser strips. I have kept the lines of the ship while conforming to the "Starfleet-clean" design philosophy, as opposed to the Star Wars-type clutter of greeblies. Some fans consider that since it has an Excelsior class saucer it must be scaled to the Excelsior, but the ship has a Miranda class bridge, and Buckner has stated that it was intended to be scaled to the bridge module rather than the saucer, making it some 210 metres long. Many have stated that a shuttle could not get into the shuttlebay ahead of the bridge, but by eliminating the lip from the shuttle bay model part, there is sufficient space for a Type 6 shuttle to enter. I'm depicting the ship as the "real" one would be, rather than slavishly duplicating the studio model.

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