The USS Claymore NCC-1867 is a Broadsword class Surveillance Scout in service with Starfleet in the 2280s. The ship appeared sans statistics on the covers of FASA's Star Fleet Intelligence Manual and featured a large sail like structure on the ventral end of the dorsal. The ship was relatively easy to scale given the prominent dockport and the standard movie-style bridge module. Several fan-generated stats sets and three-view drawings of the Claymore have appeared over the years, but none of them actually pay too much attention to the details visible in the paintings. The ship has been given a number of class names, from Mission class (which conflicts with an established FASA design, a small courier) to Claymore class, which seems a little too pat. I have settled on the name Broadsword class. I have also given it the full armament shown in the cover paintings by the talented Mr. David Deitrich - many of the fan-created drawing substitute a third dockport in place of the forward torpedo launcher. The paintings definitively show three torpedo launchers and four phaser turrets in two banks, a quite respctable weapons loadout for missions deep behind enemy lines. As it is a Starfleet vessel, it is not equipped with a cloaking device, but presumeably is constructed of low-observability materials and observes emissions silence. At least one fan has opined that the "sail" is a giant heat radiator, but this seems counterintuitive to me, as a radiator would provide a very high thermal signature and would not be stealthy in the least.

Name: USS Claymore NCC-1867
Class and type: Broadsword class Surveillance Scout
Warp speed: WF 6.02/8.1/9.03 (12 hours)
Length: 135.65m
Beam: 40.55m
Draught: 67.85m
Decks: 7
Crew: 45
Passengers: 7
Transporters: 1 6-place standard, 1 small cargo
Computers: 1 computer core
Landing capable
Armament: 4 Type VI Phasers
Photon Torpedo Launchers: 3 - 1 fwd, 2ft
High-sensitivity long-range sensor suite

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