Dark Conspiracy was a modern horror game published by Game Designer's Workshop in the 1990's. It utilised their House System, as did Twilight: 2000 and a few also-rans like Cadillacs & Dinosaurs. It also was the core system, horribly corrupted, behind the lamentable Traveller: The New Era, although many of that game's problems were with the story-line itself.

The Dark Conspiracy rulebook.

The campign was set in British Columbia in the year 2013, then safely in the future - not so much so now... It was centred around Hamilton Fisher, farmer and part-time detective-sergeant for the town of Hicksville. The town was named after its most famous son, the WWI hero Duane V. Hicks, VC. (This was a nod to Jim Cameron's film Aliens and the character played by Michael Beihn.) Fisher (played by Steve Schneckenberger) was joined by several other characters including Steen Anderson (real name: Steen van der Ross), a South African actor whose most famous role was a reboot of James Bond (played by David Isaacs); John Wilkins, a martial arts instructor (played by Angus); parapsychologist Graham Fields, PhD. (played by Bruce Playfair); Joseph Sabre MBA, a wealthy businessman (played by Michael Richter); and Hans Gruber, an escaped alien cyborg (played by Ken Goodfellow).

Adventures in my campaign ranged from aliens packaging human bodies as meat, to a resurrected Adolf Hitler plotting world domination, to Godzilla conjured up in a Japanese cargo ship.

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