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The Glory Road was a campaign using Metagaming's The Fantasy Trip rules system, consisting of In The Labyrinth, Advanced Melee and Advanced Wizard, by Steve Jackson.

The major changes I made to the TFT system were a multiplication of the statistics and an adaptation of the body structure point system from The Morrow Project.

The original TFT system had only three statistics, Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. This was very inflexible, and since Strength was used both for physical prowess and fatigue, it had the strange quirk that powerful wizards tended to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I split each statistic: Strength became Strength, Constitution and Endurance; Dexterity became Dexterity and Accuracy; and Intelligence became Intelligence, Knowledge, Charisma and Perception.

The 9 statistics were arranged into three groups, as shown below, Group I being the original TFT stats. Each grouping was allocated 33 points, with an additional point which could be placed in any stat, giving a total of 100 points for a beginning character. This made a beginning Glory Road character ever-so-slightly better than a stock 32-point TFT character.

Group Statistic Used for:
I Strength Physical strength, damage
  Dexterity Reaction, agility, manual dexterity
  Intelligence Skill complexity
II Constitiution Determining structure points, saving rolls
  Accuracy Hit determination
  Education Skill points
III Endurance Fatigue points
  Will Willpower, disbelief
  Perception Detection and perception

Structure points were detemined by multiplying Strength and Constitiution, and allocating the structure points according to the tables given in The Morrow Project. Modified hit location and wound effect tables from The Morrow Project were used for combat.

The basic unit of manœuvre.

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