For centuries, the symbol of the Klingon Empire to outsiders has been the ubiquitous B'Rel class Bird-of-Prey and its predecessors. Curiously, the name "Bird-of-Prey" is not Klingon in origin, but a generic Vulcan (and hence, Romulan) term for a light warship, such as a destroyer, corvette or scout. This is the origin of the confusion between an old-style Romulan light cruiser and the Klingon scout.

A Klingon Mascot

Many Klingon ships have a mascot which is treated like a pet, embodying the honour of the ship itself. These are usually carnivores like wild Targs or Hadibahs. Domestic Targs are also kept on board, but strictly as food animals.

Statistics for the B'Rel class BoP are as given on page 226 of the Star Trek: The Next Generation Core Rule Book and page 221 of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Core Rule Book, with the exception that the length is actually 109 metres, rather than the lengths of 250 and 157.76 metres given.

There are several styles of Bridge layout on various marques of B'Rel class Birds-of-Prey. The two most common are the style of Kruge's ship in The Search for Spock and the style from most episodes of the 24th century television episodes.

Klingon Displays are angular, and lit in shades of red, orange and yellow, colours which the Klingons see better than blues and greens.

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