FASA's Star Trek adventure featured a sequel to the TV episode The Doomsday Machine but included some spectacularly bad artwork, notably the deck plans of the supposedly alien Machine, which looked very much like all of FASA's other deck plans - nothing very alien. The cover was another spectacularly good work by David R. Deitrick.

FASA's adventure book cover by David R. Deitrich.
Click to view original adventure in .PDF format.

Below, I've included replacement graphics for the mundane-looking deck plans, which hopefully look a little more non-human.

The Machine, as illustrated in the Star Trek Fact Files...
...and as seen in the Remastered episode.

An approach vector screen.

Ship comparison chart.

The entrance to the Machine.

Level 2 - Deep inside the Machine.
Suit type found in locations 6 and 8 compared to Federation space suit.

Level 3 - Even farther into the Machine.

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