DY-100 Orbital Transport Vehicle

The DY-100 series of orbital transport vehicles entered service in 1992 as an adjunct to the Shuttle Orbiter force, which they are scheduled to eventually replace. They are used primarily for transport between the Moonbase and the orbital stations Mir and Freedom, although two have been used for expeditions to the asteroid belt and one for rendezvous with comet Hale-Bopp. In 1996, the SS Sydney, a DY-100, was listed as destroyed by USAF Space Forces during a failed attempt by deposed dictator Khan Noonian Singh to escape trial for crimes against humanity. In fact, it escaped and is believed lost in interplanetary space, but the official listing still stands

DY-100 General Arrangement

DY-100 Typical Payload Configurations

DY-100 / Shuttle Comparison

DY-100 - Launch Configuration and Flight Profile

DY-100 / Armed Shuttle Comparison
The DY-100 series carries up to 16 cargo containers. It is powered by a high-efficiency nuclear reactor and is the first spaceship to feature artificial gravity in the crew compartments, developed by Chronowerx Aerospace Industries.

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