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For every Star Trek episode whatsoever roll 1d12, 1d4 and 1d20. If that's too boring, add 1d8 or 1d6

You arrive at...
1 some place harboring alien remains
2 a diplomatic meeting
3 a colony or outpost
4 a science lab
5 the site of an astronomical event
6 the last known coordinates of an emergency signal
7 your own ship
8 a supply station or space dock
9 an enemy planet or station
10 somewhere special
11 [Roll 1d10. That thing arrives at your place.]
12 home

{If 1}
1 someone plundered the excavation site
2 their defense system is still active
3 a device displays their culture in a rather "vivid" manner
4 it looks all too familiar
{If 2}
1 someone disrupts negotiations... violently.
2 they don't speak your language
3 the objects of the negotiations are worthless
4 some strange alien custom causes total fuck-up
{If 3}
1 it's gone
2 there was a coup d'etat
3 everyone's sick
4 some god-like entity shows up
{If 4}
1 the experiment is out of control
2 the experiment is being stolen
3 the experiment unwittingly kills indigenous life
4 the aliens realize they are being observed
{If 5}
1 you're ship is being sucked in
2 the thing's radiation has strange effects on the crew
3 your ship is being sucked in and there are strange effects on the crew
4 it looks beautiful
{If 6}
1 whatever killed them is still aboard
2 there is nothing left
3 it is only test
4 the ones in danger are the enemy
{If 7}
1 the crew is currently "indisposed"
2 everyone is acting weird
3 parts of the ship are blown off
4 it isn't really your ship
{If 8}
1 the new components are being erratic
2 the new crew members are being erratic
3 most crew members take shore leave
4 someone tries to seize the ship
{If 9}
1 you need to get something (or someone) out
2 you need to deliver a message
3 they interrogate you
4 you were invited
{If 10}
1 it's another time
2 it's another dimension
3 it's not real
4 it's just like home
{If 12}
1 some alien tries to blow up your planet
2 some hobos have taken over the government
3 some jerks try and court-martial you
4 you are being promoted

1 someone has a new hobby
2 someone has a birthday
3 someone is having a baby
4 someone is hosting a shin-dig
5 someone is going to the holodeck
6 someone is expecting relatives
7 someone is conducting an experiment
8 someone has a love interest
9 someone has a pet
10 someone is suffering from an illness
11 someone is home-sick
12 someone investigates a mystery
13 someone is up for profit
14 someone is going to the counselor
15 someone is meeting an old friend
16 someone has received a letter
17 someone is on vacation
18 someone is on probation
19 someone is dead
20 everyone is going to the holodeck

Special rule: If your character was the "someone" last episode, you may change the number on any die afterwards to result of your liking. You may not choose a homecoming, though.

Additional problems are caused by... or
1 Some directive or standing order
2 Some admiral or higher-up
3 Some passenger or passengers
4 The transporters or holodecks
5 Some other system
6 Your favorite recurring alien antagonist (Romulans, Klingons, Ferengi, Cardassians)
7 [You are in for a double feature. Roll 2d6 on this table.]
8 [Budget was out. Nothing here.]

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