SINGH, Khan Noonian

September 6, 1992

August 13, 1994

August 13, 1994
Legal Status
Present family name:SINGH
Forename: KHAN
Midname: NOONIAN
Sex: Male
Date of birth: Date unknown, 1954 (46 years old)
Place of birth: Paraguay
Language spoken: Hindi, Punjabi, English, German, Spanish
Nationality: India
Wanted For
Waging aggressive war; genocidal mass-murder; crimes against humanity.
Physical Description
Height:1.83 metres
Weight: 85 kilograms
Race: Caucasian (Sikh)
Complexion: Swarthy
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Build: Muscular
Handedness: Right
Singh was born in Paraguay, the result of genetic engineering. He is believed to be one of a group of clones created by Nazi doctors and scientists who fled there at the end of the Second World War. See ODESSA file. He is believed dead by the public in an attempt to flee captivity on a stolen NASA space ship.

This is a work of parody and is not meant to represent a real bulletin on INTERPOL.
KHAN NOONIAN SINGH is a character played by Ricardo Montalban in the TV series Star Trek.
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