A miscellaneous collection of random gaming items of interest.
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The Pioneer Class Starship from Gamescience's Star Patrol. Complete with a scenario, The Derelict!

A Classic Star Trek adventure, written for FASA's Star Trek RPG, converted to the ICON system.

A Classic Traveller adventure by William H. and J. Andrew Keith, with notes for the ICON system.

A four-dimensional hypercube for your characters to get lost in. Could be Magical, or Alien Tech. Suitable for any game!

NASA-style Fact Sheets for Star Trek's DY100 Sleeper Ship from Space Seed featuring Khan Noonian Singh.

INTERPOL style wanted notice for Khan Noonian Singh.

Covers for science-fictional Repair Manuals, mostly off the Web.

Replacement illustrations for FASA's A Doomsday Like Any Other scenario.

Size comparisons between ships, including the JJ Abrams Enterprise. Caution, contentious opinions!

Robots, androids, cyborgs and other artificial and mechanically assisted lifeforms can be seen in scale to each other.

A collection of lifeforms from Star Trek and other sources.

The universe of Star Trek is rich in detail, not the least of which are the implements used everyday. Each culture has its own design philosophy and colour preferences.

A speculative history of Mirror-Universe Star Trek uniforms.

Uniforms from Star Trek and other SF classics.

From FASA's Star Trek RPG Ship Contruction Manual (1st Edition), some much needed advice for starship deckplan designers.

Deck plans for the ubiquitous Klingon B'Rel class Bird-of-Prey.

Vehicle drawings for The Morrow Project RPG by Timeline.

A selection of humourous rules by theglen.

A collection of questions to be answered by a player to flesh out an RPG character, by Kitty Howard.

A polyhedarl dice-based plot generation table for Star Trek and other role-playing games, by user 1of3 from the forums at RPG.net.

Some from the Web, some original...

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