The Pioneer Class Starship originated in the RPG Star Patrol published in 1981 by Gamescience Corporation, written by Michael Scott Kurtick and Rockland Russo. The artist who drew the Cutaway drawings was not identified. A pullout sheet of deck plans was provided, but they were not consulted for the deck plan drawings. Very few gaming statistics were provided, and a tiny profile drawing was included. The ship can also be seen on the box cover (below). The uniforms and equipment shown here originated in the Star Trek Fact Files and Star Trek the Magazine, except for the Stungun, which originated in the TV show Space: 1999. More information on the Star Patrol game can be found at Groknard. Many thanks to Robert Saint John for his help in compiling this page .

Star Patrol box cover and rulebook cover.

This a random generated Star Patrol scenario for up five players using the deck and cross-section plans of the Pioneer class starship.

The crew of the Pioneer class Redshift Rambler are making a routine deepspace astrogation check when they recieve an urgent mayday. The mayday is from a sister Pioneer ship, the Lady Jane. As the captain and crew listen, a story of horror unfolds.

Hired by the London Xenozoological Gardens, the Lady Jane has been collecting exotic alien animals for high prices. The mission had gone well up to the point the Lady Jane emerged from Hyperdrive to make an astrogation check. A crewman discovered that one of the animals was missing from its cage. Within thirty minutes the crew was reduced to the engineer who attempted to barricade himself on the flight deck. The engineer's story abruptly cut off and the mayday message began to repeat.

The Redshift Rambler quickly locates the derelict on sensors and moves toward it at minimum accelleration. The Lady Jane slowly in the void. The main airlock gapes open, her drive radiators are cool and dark. Ahuge bounty awaits the persons that bring in that ship and its valuable cargo. The captain and crew suit up, arm themselves, and EVA across to the waiting starship

* * *

Generate three to five characters using the basic Star Patrol generation system. When they arrive at the Lady Jane, each crewman is wearing a skinsuit, a portable life-support unit and an EVA maneuver pack.Two crewman are armed with Stunners, the rest are armed with Laser Pistols. At least one crewman must be the engineer, one the pilot and one the astrogator. Other positions may be captain, medic, scientist, or gunner/combat specialist.

The derelict may only be entered at the main airlock or at the emergency maintenance hatch. The cargo doors are sealed.

Each time any crew enter a compartment there is a 30% chance (1d100) of a creature being present This is raised to 40% in the cargo hold or 'tween decks cargo hold. When a creature is determined present, generate a random alien creature using the appropriate Star Patrol tables. If a particular creature's size exceeds four meters, reduce its size to four meters but retain the dice modification to Capability Rating for the larger size. Once the creature is generated, decide on the actions of the crewmen present and then deterrnine the creature's reaction. Resolve the combat, if any, and then proceed.

All compartments are opened by sliding a spring-loaded to one side. The axial and access passages are open and operating but contain no creatures.

Sickbay contains an auto-doc which will repair up to 15 points of Constitution per game, providing it is operated by a person with at least a medical skill of 1. A scentist or medic has a chance of developing a tranquilizer dart by making a saving roll modified by Mentality and skill in Chemistry.

The science laboratory contains a torn apart science crewman and a half-constructed aerosol-sprayer. An engineer or scientist may make a saving roll modifieded by Mentality to complete the aerosol, which sprays up to 5 shots of stun gas.

The main airlock's outer door is open and the interior of the airlock is covered with a flaking rust-brown material. The lock will still operate, but both inner and outer doors may not be opened at the same time. The locker room has been ripped apart but one laser rifle still remains and may be found if one crewman makes a saving throw.

Tranquilizers or stun gas have a 50% chance of being effective on any one creature. The Stunner is always effective, as per Star Patrol rules. If the tranks or gas are effective, they automatically knock out the creature.

Creatures whose reaction is Defend will remain in a compartment if the crewmembers leave. Creatures with Run reactions will attempt to leave the compartment. Creatures with ignore reactions will do just that unless attacked; then a new reaction roll must be made. Creatures with an Attack reaction will always fight and will pursue retreating crewmen into the next compartment.

There are plenty of cages in the hold to contain all of the crea tures. Each alien subdued and removed to a cage is worth 1D6x10,000 credits to the London Xenolzoological Gardens. The crew of Redshift Rambler must check each compartment to see if all of the creatures have been captured or accounted for. Good Luck!

The Derelict. is a fairly easy scenario for the beginning Mission Master. Rather than randomly generating creatures as the play progresses, the Mission Master could generate creatures prior to the game, adding whatever embellishments he or she desires. For adding additonal spice to the adventure have one of the creatures be an intelligent alien, accidentally captured by the Lady Jane's crew, and greatly desiring revenge and a return to its native planet.

The deck plans provided have been left relatively blank so that players of the game may sketch in chairs, tables, lockers, and so on, to their own taste. In a Mission Mastered scenario, the MM should provide those extra touches which will add realism to the play, such as special items among the Lady Jane's crew quarters, possible surviving crewmembers hiding in the access passages, or perhaps even a rival scavenger starship arriving to contest the players' claim to the Lady Jane. The possibilities are relatively unlimited.

For those of you who would prefer to use the deckplans as they were originally presented, click on a deck label below. The plans are to a level of detail common in the late 1970's - early 1980's. They are scaled for use with standard 25-28mm miniatures.

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