In 1962, a mysterious man known by the name of Bruce Edward Morrow, origin unknown, gathered nine of the free world's leading industrialists into an organisation known as the Council of Tomorrow. What method of coercion he may have used to achieve this fest remains a matter mostly for conjecture. The concensus of noted historians indicates that Morrow was a rare form of Esper. He seems to have possesed the ability to transport himself and a small amount of nearby matter into or out of the future. Building a convincing argument from the future, he and the Council structured an organisation dedicated to the continued survival of the Human race beyond the point of destruction.

This organisation brought forth the concept of the Morrow Project; an ambitious plan to cryogenically freeze special teams and equipment to aid in the reconstruction of civilisation after nuclear war. For many years the Project secretly stored their teams to await the proper time for reawakening. Gradually, their processes improved and their equipment became more advanced. In 1979, Morrow returned from a long absence bearing a small device which proved to be a functioning fusion power plant and advanced laser technology. In 1987, the Project carried out a complete updating of all the previously "stored" equipment, opening the buried and sealed chambers of the sleepers without waking them, and leaving behind new equipment, vehicles and the instruction manuals on how to operate them.

The Morrow Project consists of highly trained volunteers with a wide range of skills. All Project personnel have been given a basic grounding in small arms use and survival techniques. Teams are broken down in three types: Mars Teams, which consist of military-trained personnel and which provide operational security; Recce Teams, which are generalist "first-in" teams which evaluate areas before the Science Teams move in; and finally, those same Science Teams which do the core work of the Morrow Project, the rebuilding of society after the Breakdown.

Bruce Edward Morrow (some sources cite the middle name as "Edwin") was a very private and mysterious individual. His place and date of birth are unknown, his fingerprints are not on record, and photographic images of him are rare. Even his apparent age is in doubt–when he first came to public notice in 1962, he appeared to be somewhere between 35 and 40, but as time went by he seemed to remain in this age range, according to most of the people with whom he interacted, although a few anecdotal accounts put his apparent age as young as 25 and as old as 60.

Morrow was a tall, slender Caucasian male with a deep tan, grey eyes and sandy hair. He was soft-spoken, with a baritone voice and a Boston accent. Certain of his habits indicated that he may have studied at Harvard, but he does not appear in any of the alumni records.

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Disclaimer: This is a page devoted to a fictional game. There is, to my knowledge, no such company as Morrow Industries. All real companies are used fictitiosly and without permission. All characters are fictitious and no claim is made that any such persons are members of any armed service, including the US Navy SEALS or the Canadian Armed Forces. Information on all real places including CFB Greenwood is fictional and a product of my imagination only.

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