Star Trek: Cretok Nor is a starship-based role-playing campaign set in the larger Star Trek: Universe metacampaign run using the ICON rules by Last Unicorn Games.

Star Trek: Cretok Nor is a direct continuation of my Star Trek: Relic and Star Trek: Rising Sun campaigns.

Star Trek: Cretok Nor is set aboard the Federation starship USS Rising Sun, an Defiant Class Escort, in the Cardassian Occupied Zone following the end of the Dominion War in 2381. Rising Sun is based out of Cretok Nor, a Cardassian mining station similar to Deep Space Nine. Cretok Nor is somewhat like Berlin, on Earth, during the Cold War of the late 20th century, divided into three Zones run semiautonomously by the major stellar powers, the United Federation of Planets, The Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire. The Cardassian Union and the Dominion maintain delegations at Cretok Nor, answerable to the Allied Occupation Council.

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