The Star Trek: Final Frontier campaign is based on CBS' abortive animated programme. I did not like the ship, and substituted the Enterprise-J seen in Star Trek: Enterprise's 3rd season episode Azati Prime, since it was from the same time-frame.

Enterprise-J is a multi-generational vessel, that has large parks, entertainment zones, and entire universities on board. The ship is so large that turbolifts have been replaced with site to site transporters. Technology is beyond transwarp - they can fold space, and they are exploring other galaxies besides the Milky Way.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-J, Universe class Starship
Length: 3210m
Beam: 2295m
Draught: 425m
Mass: 5,000,000mt
Decks: 66
Crew: 825
10x Type XX AntiPolaron Beam
4x Biphasic Pulse Cannons
3x Quantum Singularity Torpedo Tubes
4x Chroniton Torpedo Tubes

CO: Captain Alexander Chase
Human male, born on Spire. Age: mid-30's
XO: Commander Barric Holden
Human male, born on Earth. Age: early 30's
Protocol Officer: Commander William Preston
Human male, born on Iceland, Earth. Age: mid-50's
Chief Engineer: Lt. Commander "Zero"
Primorian male, born on Prime. Age: unknown
CMO: Dr. Cameron Prowse
Human male, born on Earth. Age: early 40's
Chief Security Officer: Lieutenant Kaylen Donal
Human female, born on Ar Katal. Age: early 30's
Implanted with a Biomechanical Utility Graft (BUG)
Operations Officer: Lieutenant Jax
Alien female. Age: late 20's
Flight Control Officer: Lieutenant Sandoval
Human male, born on Earth. Age: late 20's
Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Blake
Human male, born on Earth. Age: late 20's
Dragonfly Pilot 1: Ensign Perry
Human male, born on Earth. Age: early 20's

Dragonfly class Shuttlecraft
Crew: 2 (CONN and Ops) +2 Observers.
Passengers: 4

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