Starfleet Intelligence, also known as Starfleet Intelligence Command, is the fact-finding, threat-assessing, covert operations division of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet.

Starfleet Intelligence employs agents for their field operations, who are authorized to perform undercover investigations. Starfleet Intelligence agents (or "S.I. agents") report to Division Heads, who oversee their agents' missions. The head of the organization is known as the Chief of Starfleet Intelligence.

The Directorate of Operations is responsible for most field personnel. It is divided into the divisions of Hazard Operations, Clandestine Operations, Fleet Operations, Technical Operations, and Temporal Investigations.

Hazard Operations
The Hazard Operations Division was founded in 2377 and is comprised of Ground Forces Personnel. The division is divided into five regional commands, each of which oversees ten sector commands. Within each command are four strike teams, which are deployed as needed throughout their respective commands. The head of Hazard Operations is a Deputy Assistant Director.

Clandestine Operations
The Clandestine Operations Division is responsible of all covert operatives in Federation service, as well as the infiltration support personnel necessary to support their activities. The division is led by a Director-in-Charge, a rank equivalent to that of a Commodore.

Fleet Operations
The Fleet Operations Division is responsible for all Starships, Runabouts, Shuttles, Fighters and Freighters in use by the OSI. The Maintenance of these vessels is maintained through contracted civilian services and the agencies own Engineering service. The Fleet Operations Division also oversees the staffing and maintenance of all OSI orbital facilities.

Technical Operations
By far the largest division in Operations is the Technical Operations Division, which does the bulk of the intelligence gathering for the Federation. These are the more "overt" operations. Commanded by a Deputy Assistant Director, the division is divided into ten "departments", each covering a region of known space. Within each department are eight regional commands, and within those commands are twenty sector commands. Four squads of eight personnel each make up each sector command.

Temporal Investigations
A small division fewer than four-hundred personnel, Temporal Investigations is responsible for reporting on all temporal incidents involving Federation personnel. The division is commanded by a Director-in-Charge.

The largest directorate in the ranks of the SIC, the Directorate of Intelligence, is responsible for the support activities necessary to intelligence gathering. It consists of five divisions: The Logistics Corps, the Liaison Corps, the Division of Analysis, the Internal Affair Division, and the Planning & Research Division.

The Directorate of Administration is responsible for the basic administrative activities of the agency, and consists of the Auditor General's Corps, the Quartermaster's Corps, the Policy Development Division, the Personnel Division, the Public Affairs Division, and the Adjutant General's Corps.

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