Updated Jan. 27, 2004!

Star Trek: Lucas is one of those quirky little side-campaigns that defies easy categorisation. It's set in the Star Trek universe, but the main characters are an AD&D® Thief and a Traveller® Mercenary. Heck, even the ship's name and registry, S.S. Lucas THX-1138 are a joke... (And if you don't get it, I'm not going to explain it!)

Star Trek: Lucas is intended to be a fun way for my friends to get together a pick-up game which doesn't need to involve intricate plots. Hell, it doesn't even need to make a lot of sense (and often doesn't). It's just good, old-fashioned us-against-the-universe Space Opera set against a familiar background.

I've also begun to flesh out the Lucas campaign with additional characters of similar bent from the dim dark history of my Star Trek campaign - they're listed on the Crew of the SS Lucas page. First up is another of Ken's quirky characters, Calista the Damned.

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