The Star Trek: nomghar campaign is devoted to the adventures of the tlhIngan nugh pojno' (literally "Klingon-society-analysis/ancestors," or Klingon Society for Ancestor Studies, commonly rendered as the tlhIngan (Klingon) Archæological Society). To casual observers, including a great many members of the United Federation of Planets, the very idea of a Klingon archæologist is at complete odds with the very idea of the Klingon culture; a culture of warriors utterly uninterested in anything beyond bloodwine and battle. Klingon society is, however, as multifaceted and complex as any. This stands to reason, of course. No culture consisting solely of barbarian warriors could have reached the stars and founded a great interstellar Empire as the Klingons have. Klingon society counts among its members artists and scientists, farmers and craftsmen, priests and politicians, athough most if not all Klingons identify themselves with the warrior ethic.

The crew of the raDwI' Class Corvette IKV nomghar, members of the tlhIngan Archæological Society, travel about the Empire exploring the myths of the Klingon people and tracing lost artifacts.

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