The raDwI' Class Corvette was introduced over 120 years ago, during the long Cold War between the Empire and the United Federation of Planets. Armed with only disruptors, it was designed for "swarming actions," supported by D-7 Klolode Class Battlecruisers.

The dorsal surface features a pair of magnetic docking clamps and a conformable airlock for boarding enemy vessels. The ship locks onto a ship's hull and the airlock seals to the surface. The hatch is then opened, a hole cut through the enemy's hull and a dozen warriors enter and attack the enemy crew face-to-face.

The raDwI' Class was designed before the widespread use of transporters by the Klingon Empire, and their adoption nearly spelled the end of the class. Acquisition of cloaking technology from the Romulans in the late 2260's allowed the raDwI's to sneak up on a vessel and board before the enemy was aware of its presence. Raising shields once the raDwI' was docked with its victim was futile, since the shields would encompass the attacking ship or ships - raDwI's generally boarded in groups of 3 to 4.

The name raDwI', normally rendered in Federation Standard English as "enforcer," translates literally as "one who compels (obedience)."

The IKV nomghar ("expedience," literally "fast diplomacy") is an older model, built in 2282. Outwardly, she looks a bit decrepit, but she has been fitted with new engines, as well as upgraded disruptors and cloaking device

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