Since the Klingon culture is a warrior culture, it is therefore no surprise that weapons are an inportant part of Klingon life. No Klingon warrior will willingly go unarmed. Most carry a number of weapons on their person, at minimum carrying a Daqtagh, with many carrying one or more concealed weapons in addition. The Klingon word for weapon is nuH.

The favoured weapons are, of course, melee weapons, since these afford the chance–indeed the necessity–of closing with the enemy and fighting him hand-to-hand. This form of combat is, to the Klingon warrior, the most honourable and deserving of glory.

D'q tagh, betleH and meqleH

The crescent shaped Klingon two-handed weapon. The name is derived from batlh'etlh (honour-sword), the weapon carried by Kahless the Unforgettable.

The Klingon term for spear.

DuQwI' pogh
A type of armoured spiked glove.

D'q tagh
The three-bladed Klingon combat knife. The name may be an abbreviated form of Duq tagh, literally either "stab-lung" or "stab-initiate/begin" and is given to a young Klingon warrior upon completing his Rite of Ascension (tending to indicate that the second translation is the correct one). It is also informally referred to as the wejtaj (three-knife). Some dialects refer to this weapon as a le'veq, which could be derived from lev'etlh, meaning a type of sword, although the prefix lev does not occur in current tlhl'ngan Hol. A joking reference to this may be found in the scornful reference to a shoddy or substandard example of this weapon as a Ie 'veQ (exceptional-garbage).

The Klingon word for sword. It refers to a number of bladed hand weapons, some of which resemble Terran swords, others of which do not. The fact that several knives or daggers, which would more accurately be called taj, bear names derived from 'etlh would seem to indicate that the term 'etlh was used for a variety of edged weapons.

A type of polearm. It appears to have been originally fashioned by cutting a betleH in two (or simply using a broken betleH) and affixing the blades to the ends of a stort staff.

gojmeH taj
The boy's knife (literally "student's knife") given to a Klingon boy.

A jagged, hatchet-like weapon. The name is short for matlh 'etlh (loyal-sword).

The Klingon word for slingshot.

A type of large war hammer.

The Klingon word for staff.

A hunting spear.

A type of stilletto, and is the ceremonial weapon of assassins.

The Klingon word for knife or dagger.

Firearms and hand-held energy weapons are by no means eschewed by the Klingons. While secondary in importance to melee weapons, they still play an important part in Klingon military tactics. When used against opponents similarly armed, for example against Federation troops with phasers, they are honourable weapons; when used to execute prisoners or from ambush, they are merely regarded as efficient tools. The Klingon term for small arms is nuHHom.

Klingon disruptors

The Klingon word for rifle.

The Klingon word for handgun.

The Klingon word for energy weapon, and correctly refers to both phasers and disruptors, thus pu'HIch is a disruptor pistol, while pu'beH is a disruptor rifle.

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