The NX-57 campaign is based loosely on the movie Forbidden Planet. The Starfleet vessel NX-57 Excalibur stands in for the United Planets Cruiser C-57D. It is an uprated NX-Class Cruiser, 226m long with a crew of 203. The United Federation of Planets is in its infancy, the Earth-Romulan War a recent memory.

The NX-57 is fresh from its latest mission, a standard checkup on the Altair IV colony, a checkup which went tragically wrong. There were only two survivors of the SS Bellerophon expidition, Dr. Edward Morbius and his daughter, Altaira (Alta), born on the planet soon after planetfall. Morbius had been experimenting with the artefacts of the planet's former inhabitants who had killed themselves off a millennium ago. In doing so, he had unleashed a creature borne of his subconscious, a veritable "Monster from the Id", as he described it later. With Alta expressing affection for Captain Adams, Morbius became upset and the creature was unleashed against the Excalibur, nearly destroying the visitors from Earth. Altaira escaped the devastation of the planet aboard the Excalibur with her father's robot, Robby.

Edward Morbius Ph.D. and Altaira

Robby is an obvious robot in vaguely humanoid form. He incorporates a replicator which can provide any food substance or beverage. He is bound by Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, and cannot harm a Human.

Altaira Morbius, the daughter of Dr. Edward Morbius, is the only woman in the crew of the Excalibur. She is an extremely intelligent 20-year-old Human, who has the equivalent of several Ph.D.'s, courtesy of her father. She is the de facto Science Officer on the ship. As intelligent and highly educated as she is, she is still naive and unschooled in the ways of men.

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