The Bright Star Cluster is the only region of space explored by the UFP in the Kellinan Reach. The cluster itself is a group of stars in their early stages of life and most are very bright, hence the origins of it's name. Federation exploration of the Cluster has involved little more than surveys except in the three colony systems. In fact, all of the Federation's knowledge of the region comes from surveys conducted by the USS Brisbane, long range scans by the USS Indomitable (dispatched to deal with 'territorial disputes' between an Akasha War-ark and the Prospero Colony) and from contact with the local warp-capable aliens, the end result being it is an area that no one in the Federation is particularly sure of.

By treaty with the Teldani governments known as the Emerson Accords, and by Interstellar Law, the Federation holds sovereignty over three systems in the Bright Star Cluster, Epsilon Zeta, Alpha Kallick and Beta Kallick, These three systems are under their own governance as is provided by the Colony Act (sec iii paragraph 4) but as none have declared full sovereignty they are under full Federation jurisdiction.

Currently the only representative of the Federation Council is the Colonial Liaison, Commissioner Rosemary Kent, whose office and residence is on Emerson's World and conducts yearly inspections of the colonies and makes reports of their fitness and status. She is also the highest legal authority for Federation law in the region. though each colony generally deals with crime and criminals in its own manner set by its own constitution, final judgment in regards to those laws made standard by the Colony Act is in her hands.

In October 2290, on Stardate 9961.75, Starfleet Command authorised the formation of the Bright Stars Cluster Sector Task Force under Commodore Bradron McCurrvey. The Excelsior class starship USS Odyssey commanded by Captain Thelev will be the sector flagship.

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