The Bright Star Cluster is the only region of space explored by the UFP in the Kellinan Reach. The cluster itself is a group of stars in their early stages of life and most are very bright, hence the origins of it's name. Federation exploration of the Cluster has involved little more than surveys except in the three colony systems. In fact, all of the Federation's knowledge of the region comes from surveys conducted by the USS Brisbane, long range scans by the USS Indomitable (dispatched to deal with 'territorial disputes' between an Akasha War-ark and the Prospero Colony) and from contact with the local warp-capable aliens, the end result being it is an area that no one in the Federation is particularly sure of.

By treaty with the Teldani governments known as the Emerson Accords, and by Interstellar Law, the Federation holds sovereignty over three systems in the Bright Star Cluster, Epsilon Zeta, Alpha Kallick and Beta Kallick, These three systems are under their own governance as is provided by the Colony Act (sec iii paragraph 4) but as none have declared full sovereignty they are under full Federation jurisdiction.

Currently the only representative of the Federation Council is the Colonial Liaison, Rosemary Kent, whose office and residence is on Emerson's World and conducts yearly inspections of the colonies and makes reports of their fitness and status. She is also the highest legal authority for Federation law in the region. though each colony generally deals with crime and criminals in its own manner set by its own constitution, final judgment in regards to those laws made standard by the Colony Act is in her hands.

Epsilon Zeta System
A prosperous but unremarkable Federation colony system, made up of three planet star-system around a GV1 star or yellow main sequence star, slightly brighter than Sol.
Inhabited Planets:
Epsilon Zeta II: “Emerson’s World” a colony of 90,000 Federation colonists ruled by an oligarchy of chose professionals who sit the Colonial Council.

Other Planets:
Epsilon Zeta I is a Class D planet, with no life and no materials of note. It’s also dangerous due to the high dosage of radiation it receives during the periods where it is close to the sun.

Epsilon Zeta III is a class L environment and has yet to be colonized, though there is some lingering evidence that it had been at one point.

Other Stellar Objects: The Companions, a cluster of three planetoids that have been caught in the orbit of the star and erratically circle closing towards the star into which they’ll plunge within the next few thousand years.

Artificial Objects: Weather stations, shuttle docks and sky hooks surrounding Emerson’s World.

Emerson's World (Epsilon Zeta II)
Government: Democratically elected council.
Tech Level: 5
Emerson's World was settled accidentally by SS Nova Queen, a cruise vessel under the command of Captain Reginald Emerson. The ship and its crew of 1000 people were deposited in this system highly damaged by a wormhole in 2239. Captain Emerson, realizing they hadn't the power to return home landed on the first M-Class planet he could find and hoped that someone would rescue them. It was not until the USS Brisbane explored the region in 2350 that the crew were discovered and by then a thriving community had been established on the planet. After reporting the discovery of the ship's crew and their decendants the Brisbane had offered to begin transporting them home, but for the most part the colonists refused, choosing to remain there. Shortly after the survivors petitioned the Federation government to make their world an official colony. It was granted, and they along with a large number of others who eagerly flocked to the colony upon the first opportunity, established the more modern and profitable colony world it has become today. Currently the planet boasts a population of 90,000 with steady population growth. The majority of the population living in dispersed communities and the rest making up the population of Port Landing the only true city on the planet.

The world itself is lush and makes it easy for the colonists to provide for themselves. The colony for the most part has settled around the equator of the planet and are quite warm as is to be expected the regions closer to the poles are of course colder closer they get. The colony's economy is entirely self-sufficient, but due to excess supplies and the want for more 'exotic' items than can be produced on the planet, trade occurs between Emerson's world, the Kalasi and the other Federation colonies.

Alpha Kallick System One half of binary system orbiting a AV3 (blue dwarf) star with brightness slightly less than Sol, Alpha Kallick has five planets.
Affiliation: Federation Colony
Inhabited Planets:
Alpha Kallick III, a class M world inhabited by the Keva Mining Corporation.
Uninhabited Worlds:
Alpha Kallick I is a class J world near the star. Its moons are metal rich and Keva Corp is working on mining them.
Alpha Kallick II is a class K world too cold for immediate colonization attempts but shows signs of former inhabitants.
Alpha Kallick IV is a dry Class H world with only minimal atmosphere.
Alpha Kallick V is a class J world.
Other Stellar Objects: None of note
Artificial Objects:
Alpha Kallick III is home to a variety of satellites and a proper space station for maintaining ore-ships and promoting trade with other worlds

Alpha Kallick III
Government: Corporate Hierarchy
Tech Level: 6
Settled in 2280 by the Keva Corporation, an Andorian run mining company. Alpha Kallick III received a large amount of Federation aid in being set up. The colony is made up of 3,000 workers and managers who rotate between for six month terms of working and the other resting. The colony has been fitted with a planetary generator capable of supporting the colony and its inhabitants, causing some jealousy from their neighbours. Despite the claims of hording technological superiority the Keva corporations offer of opening their recreation center to the other colonists as a holiday location (for a small fee) has met with many takers. Conversely, the miners and other employees on Alpha Kallick III often visit the other colonies during their free time to get away from it all. Alpha Kallick its self is rocky with high concentrations of heavy metals, the planet does boast a wide variety of wildlife which has grown accustomed to dealing with the sometimes harsh environment of the planet.

Trade-wise the colony ships much of its ore to the Federation for processing and sale by its parent company. It also conducts trade with other colonies in the region and has very close ties to the Kalasi. Currently the Keva Corporation is petitioning the Federation to increase development in the area as the Emerson Accords have cut off the potential markets of the Teldani and Akhasha, which is leading to a loss in profits and a large surplus of minerals.

Beta Kallick System Half of a binary system consisting of eleven planets system orbiting a BV2 (blue dwarf) star with brightness equal to Sol.
Affiliation: Federation Colony
Inhabited Planets:
Beta Kallick IX-i and Beta Kallick IX-ii, the moons of the gas giant Beta Kallick IX are part of the Prospero Colony who have set up on Beta Kallick IX-i, their primary agricultural and housing center, hile on Beta Kallick IX-ii they’ve established a ice mining center operation to supply their main world.
Beta Kallick V has been settled by the Free Thinkers, a group dedicated to a peaceful philosophy of tolerance where the most radical ideas are given merit..
Other Planets:
Beta Kallick I-III are little more than class D planetoids whose orbits are close to the star and are constantly bathed in radiation.
Beta Kallick IV is a Class K world.
Beta Kallick VI is a class F world.
Beta Kallick VII-X are all class J gas giants.
Beta Kallick XI is a class G world made mostly of frozen ammonia.
Other Stellar Objects: None of note
Artificial Objects: All three settled planets have satellites, the Prospero Colony employs several large solar mirror arrays for its colony and several stations for the receiving and transport of ice to and from space as well as true space station to provide assistance to colony vessels and receive traders. Beta Kallick V employs only weather satellites.

Prospero Colony
Government: Democratically Elected Council
Tech Level: 5/6
Founded in the 2275 the Prospero Colony was set up on two moons of the gas giant Beta Kallick IX. The first moon, known as Miranda, has a breathable atmosphere but had a very frigid temperature. To combat this the colonists established large solar mirrors in orbit of their planet to keep it warm. Resulting in a cold but livable world. The colonists, have since been establishing large underground vaults which serve as housing for the people there while the area above ground is used for solar collection and the large farming greenhouses. The second moon Caliban, is mostly frozen water which is mined to supply the colony and its farming efforts. The colonists of this planet are quite happy with the success of their project, as it was part colony part experiment to prove that 'human spirit' and intellect can overcome even the most difficult of situations. The current population is 5,000 on either Miranda, Caliban or Ariel their orbiting station which handles the colony's ice tugs and any incoming ships.

Prospero colony is largely self-sufficient but still engages in trade with the other colonies for trade goods and other things, though for the most part they are an independent hardworking lot who dislike Keva or Emerson interference and the wastrel attitudes of the Free Thinkers.

Government: Representative Democracy
Tech Level: unknown
A Free Thinker's world, the colony was settled by Dr. Emanuel Roberts after finding that as a genetically altered individual, he had very few rights within the Federation and wanted a place of his own where he could do and act as he wanted. To do so he gathered up other bright and 'unique' individuals of his acquaintance and pitched the idea of a colony to them. Most agreed and they gathered together others who were willing to create such a colony, and this group after much lobbying managed to get a colony permit for the world of Beta Kallick V a virtual paradise (most of the other colonies believe that the Federation only agreed because they wanted Roberts and his friends far, far away.) The group settled the planet quickly then just as quickly set about creating their own paradise. Since then the only occasional Federation inspection done by the Colonial Liaison has shown the world to be chaotic but otherwise fine and in no danger failure since they seem to have a healthy supply of energy through their ship's generators and plenty of amenities. It should be noted that the full limits of their technology is unknown since reports by sensors on Prospero Colony recorded an Akashan war-ark approach Sanctum only to be hit by a powerful energy discharge and fleeing. When questioned the Free Thinkers have simply feigned ignorance of the event and all investigations have been dropped. Currently Sanctum has around 1000 colonists. Sanctum does not, to anyone's knowledge trade with anyone.

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