The Department of Temporal Investigations is an agency of the United Federation of Planets, tasked with ensuring that time travel events which occurred under Federation jurisdiction are handled within guidelines established to prevent contamination of the timeline. James T. Kirk has the biggest file on record in the Department, with seventeen recorded temporal violations.

Department of Temporal Investigations
Director of Temporal Investigations
Director Laarin Andos Rhaandarite female
Director of Temporal Interventions (ret)
Director Reginald Hartwell Human male
DTI Field Agent
Marion Frances "Wolf" Dulmer Human male
DTI Special Agent
Gariff Lucsly Human male
DTI Agent
Teresa Garcia Human female
DTI Field Agent
Meyo Ranjea Deltan male
DTI Field Agent
Colin Bush Human male
DTI Field Agent
Orris Diklon Betazoid male
DTI Historian
Loom Aleek-Om, PhD. Aurelian male

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