Star Trek - Campaign Chronology
Updated November 09, 2011!

NOTE: Chronology entries are colour coded as follows:
On-screen events from the Star Trek series and movies: RED
Events from the Star Trek: Relic and Star Trek: Rising Suncampaigns: GOLD
Events from the Star Trek: Challenger and Star Trek: Cretok Nor campaigns: TEAL
Events from the Star Trek: Lucas campaign: BLUE
Events from the Star Trek: IKV nomghar campaign: RUST
Events from other sources such as novels and Star Trek Online: OLIVE
Background specific to the Star Trek: Universe campaign: MAUVE.

Star Trek - Campaign Chronology

Approximately 1 million years ago

An unknown race, dubbed "the Builders" by Federation scientists, builds a Dyson Sphere around a G5 type star in the Dobhran Sector. The Sphere is some 200 million kilometres in diametre and is constructed of carbon neutronium. The Builders are actually a species from an alternate dimension called the Finorii, working under the direction of an ascended being named Yaskoydray, known as "the Grandfather." The Grandfather has also created a series of pocket universes known as the "String of Pearls."

290,000 years ago

The Builders abandon the Dyson Sphere, possibly due to instability in the central star.


The television series Galaxy Quest is cancelled due to low ratings, but lives on in syndication. The series has a fanatical following and many prominent scientists and astronauts confide that it played a rôle in their decisions to pursue careers in science. The final 2-part episode is never rerun.


18 years after its cancellation, Galaxy Quest is reborn as Galaxy Quest, the Legend Continues, after a publicity stunt which causes over $3 million damage to a convention hotel. The original cast is reunited for the series, and rumours persist that a new character on the show, is actually played by an alien.


USS Challenger NCC-74695 travels back in time to prevent the Borg from altering the future. The Borg arrive two days later and begin bombarding the Montana launch complex where Zefram Cochrane is preparing to test his newly-invented warp drive. USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E destroys the Borg sphere. Cochrane successfully tests the drive and makes first contact with the Vulcans. Challenger and Enterprise return to the 24th century.


Earth's first extra-solar colony is founded on Alpha Centauri III. The colony is completely independant of Earth and in 2161 becomes a founding member of the United Federation of Planets.


The NX Class starship Excalibur NX-57, commanded by Captain John Adams, arrives at Altair IV on a routine patrol. Dr. Edward Morbius and his daughter Altaira are the only survivors of the Earth colony established 20 years earlier. Dr. Morbius' studies of ancient ruins release an unstoppable force which kills him and devastates a large part of the planet's surface. Dr Morbius is killed and Altaira narrowly escaped aboard the Excalibur. Dr. Morbius is revived by an entity known as "the Grandfather" and ascends to a higher plane of existance. He adopts the nom du dei of "Möbius."


IKV bortaS disappears while returning to Qo'noS after a raid on Romulus. BortaS is disabled and the command boom crashes in the Dyson Sphere. The bortaS is immortalised in Klingon legend as a series of serial holonovels entitled Battlecruiser Vengeance.


SS Leviathan, a Unicorn class Starliner, disappears with all hands. Over the next century, the Leviathan develops into a legend not unlike that of the ancient Earth sailing ship, the Flying Dutchman. Ships all over the Federation claim to have seen it travelling through ion storms at speeds in excess of Warp 9, high-energy plasma bleeding off its hull and nacelles. Some even claim to have been hailed by a skeletal Captain Ivor Thorrsen, beckoning them to approach and match courses. The dead can be seen dancing in the ballroom beneath the transparent forward hull, and all subspace channels shriek with a noise like damned souls. Even a few Klingon ships claim sightings, embellishing the tales with the Barge of the Dead flying in close formation as the Leviathan makes its way to Gre'thor. Ships which fail to make port, especially those lost to ion storms, are said to have "met Leviathan." Most merchant spacers boldly proclaim the legends to be "old space tales," but deep in the core of their souls, they believe...


The USS Excalibur encounters the HIMS Sophista, a starship from the 29th century. It has strayed from the Havenic Imperial Federation, a stellar nation in a lenticular cluster orbiting our galaxy, through a wormhole. The crew of the Excalibur assists the Sophista in returning to its own time and space.


The USS Excalibur returns from an accidental time trip to the 29th century with a passenger, Major Jonathan David Norton, late of the Havenic Imperial Federation.


Miranda is kidnaped from her home planet by Orion slavers. The Orions are killed when they attempt to disassemble a psionic matrix in her equipment. She and Norton meet and form a partnership.

Using an old Chameleon Class Scout/Trader, Norton attempts to recreate the singularity used by the Excalibur to return home. He fails, and he and Miranda are displaced only 81 years into the future.


Montgomery Scott retires to the Norpin Colony. En route, however, the USS Jenolan upon which he is travelling, crashes on the surface of a Dyson Sphere. Captain Scott and Ensign Matthew Franklin are the only survivors, and Captain Scott jury-rigs the ship's transporter to place them in stasis.


Lieutenant Natasha Yar is killed by an alien entity called Armus. At the moment of death, she is duplicated and revived by the Finorii, and taken to a bubble universe in the String of Pearls


USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D discovers the Dyson Sphere. Captain Montgomery Scott is rescued from transporter stasis on the USS Jenolan, crashed on the Sphere's surface.
The starships USS Presnell and USS Marek are assigned to explore the outer surface of the Sphere. Exploration of the inner surface is scheduled for later expeditions.

Benjamin Sisko assumed command of the former Cardassian mining station Terek Nor, orbiting Bajor. The station is redesignated Deep Space Nine. The Bajoran Wormhole is discovered and exploration of the Gamma Quadrant is begun.


The USS St. Roch NCC-1940, a Federation starship thought lost in 2296, appears in the Romulan Neutral Zone. It is severely damaged and is under attack by a Klingon warship. It is saved by the Romulan Warbird Executor and escorted out of the Neutral Zone.

The crew of the St Roch undergo an intensive debriefing at Starfleet Headquarters, and begin technical upgrade courses at Starfleet Academy.

Norton and Miranda arrive in the 24th century in a failed bid to retuirn to Norton's timeline. They meet KeH'leyr Tryndi, a Klingon/Betazoid con artist. With her help, they forge registry papers for the Orion slave ship under the name SS Lucas.

Section 31 issues illegal Letters of Marque and Reprisal to Niko V'Shandruu authorising him to hunt Orion pirates.

Starfleet encounters the Vorta in the Gamma Quadrant, and an invasion from the Dominion is feared.


The USS Defiant NX-74205 is assigned to Deep Space Nine to gather intelligence about the Dominion. The existance of the Founders is confirmed and they are discovered to be shapeshifters.

USS Voyager NCC-74656 commissioned under Captain Kathryn Janeway.

Starfleet officers on a tour of the USS Constitution at the Fleet Museum orbiting Luna discover a Founder in the Sol system.

USS Challenger NCC-74695 commissioned under Captain Kitara Sundown. Several officers from the St. Roch are assigned to it.

USS Voyager disappears in the Badlands. USS Challenger is assigned to the search.

USS Challenger is assigned to a diplomatic mission to the planet Eltanin.


Klingon Empire dissolves the Khitomer Accords, and attacks Cardassia.

Hostilities erupt between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

Captain Kitara Sundown is abducted and taken to the Gamma Quadrant. The Challenger tracks the abductors' ship and retrieves Captain Sundown, or so they think. She has in fact been replaced by a Founder.

The Dominion detonates an explosive device at a diplomatic meeting on Earth. Admiral Leyton attempts a coup in order to place Starfleet in charge of the Federation to meet the Dominion threat.


General Martok is revealed to be a Founder. Hostilities continue for some time between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

Captain Kitara Sundown is revealed to be a Founder and is killed by Jonathan Norton at Deep Space Nine. USS Challenger begins a search for the real captain Sundown in the Gamma Quadrant.

Borg attack Earth, and travel back in time to prevent the formation of the Federation. USS Challenger becomes trapped in an alternate universe where the Borg mission succeeded. Challenger joins an alliance of Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian and Andorian fleets to fight the Borg.

The real General Martok is rescued from a Dominion prison. He recalls having seen Captain Sundown at the facility. The Klingon Empire and the Federation cease hostilities and reactivate their alliance when Gul Dukat stages a military coup on Cardassia Prime and brings the Cardassian Empire into the Dominion.

The Federation is forced to leave Deep Space Nine, but interdicts the wormhole with a self-replicating minefield.

USS Challenger acquires a cloaking device from the Romulan Star Empire and begins tracking Borg activity in an attempt to capture a Borg Scout. It is hoped that they will be able to determine at what point the Borg changed history.


A Federation/Klingon fleet retakes Deep Space Nine.

During classified manoeuvres in the Beta Quadrant, Starfleet receives information that Voyager was not lost, but was transported to the Delta Quadrant, where they are attempting to return to the Federation, a trip which will take several decades.

The external survey of the Dyson Sphere is completed much later than originally scheduled, due to the conflicts with the Klingon Empire and the Dominion. The starship Labrador enters the Sphere with a detachment from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers and establishes Dyson Base on Freeman's Island. Dyson Base will be home to a small contingent of Starfleet personnel and four Danube Class runabouts.

Dukat frees a Pah Wraith and causes the Bajoran Wormhole to be closed.


The Emissary, Captain Benjamin Sisko, discovers that his mother was possessed by a Prophet and causes the Wormhole to reopen.

Federation forces are trapped behind enemy lines at AR-559. Ensign Joran Dar is among the beseiged Starfleet personnel.

Dyson Base becomes operational. Lieutenant Sen Yalto and Lieutenant (jg) Speen, en route to Dyson Base aboard the runabout USS Thames, attend to an emergency at Federation Deepspace Research Station 39 and log the discovery of a new lifeform, the I'Iglii.

Starfleet Intelligence Section 31 Director Sloane is caught spying during a diplomatic conference on Romulus and is executed.

Lieutenant Yalto discovers traces indicating the Sphere may not be deserted.
Ensign Joran Dar arrives at Dyson Base and is assigned to the Thames.

USS Thames, charting part of the Dyson Sphere's interior, discovers a tower in the middle of an ice-pack. After a preliminary inspection, the Thames returns to Dyson Base to prepare an in-depth survey.

USS Challenger captures a Borg Scout Cube in the Jandara system and is able to determine from the records in its vinculum when the Borg entered the past. Plans begin for an attack on Earth to cover Challenger's entry into the Sol system.

Lt.(jg) Speen is transfered to USS Magnificent.
Ensign Joran Dar is promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade).
Ensigns Jeth Sennt and T'Zill arrive at Dyson Base and is assigned to USS Thames, Ens. Jeth as Engineer and Ens. T'Zill arrives as junior Science Officer.

Ensigns Jeth and T'Zill discover a primitive sapient race, the H'Ranna. Duck Blind 1 is established to observe the H'Ranna village. Lieutenant Senn Yalto is assigned as senior officer of Duck Blind 1.

Lieutenant (junior grade) Mark Stevens assigned to USS Thames. The crew of the Thames is dispatched to survey the tower discovered six weeks earlier.

Petty Officer 1st class Dino Mannetti and Crewmen 1st class Zerx Solistra and Nyota N'Kele are assigned to Duck Blind 1. Duck Blind 1 enters service.

Lieutenant M'Rel and Ensigns Seth Bern and Tal assigned to USS Thames.
Lt(jg) Stevens and Ensigns Jeth and T'Zill assigned to Dyson Base Shuttlecraft Shepard SB21/42.
Contact with Sphere computers established. Survivors of Imperial Klingon Battlecruiser bortaS discovered in Sphere.

Dyson Base attacked by androids and fighters of unknown origin. Runabouts Thames and Tiber are destroyed and six Dyson Base personnel killed.

Dyson Base reinforced and expansion begun. USS Galaxy delivers runabouts USS Dneiper NCC-74562, USS Dneister NCC-74563, USS Lena NCC-74575 and USS Red River NCC-74581 assigned to Dyson Base.
Klingon emissary Kraang arrives at Dyson Base.

An ancient Vulcan relic, the tor Fal, covertly recovered from Command section of IKV bortaS. Ensign T'Zill is revealed as a Romulan agent when she attempts to steal the artifact. The crew of the runabout Lena recover the tor Fal and destroy T'Zill's Romulan Theta Class warpshuttle.

A scout shuttle from the 29th century Havenic Imperial Federation is discovered in the Dyson Sphere. A Vargr crewman is alive in a cryogenic capsule, but the remaining crew are absent.

On a routine mission scouting one of the built-up areas surrounding a portal, the crew of the Lena encounter Farl, a member of the Finori race. Farl claims that the Finori are the "Sons of the Grandfather," the true heirs of the creator of the Sphere. He claims that the entity called "Möbius" is a protége of the Grandfather who rebelled and is trying to destroy the Sphere. Farl is taken back to Freeman's Island for debriefing while the crew of the Lena explore the coordinates given them for Farl's home base, accompanied by Lieutenant (jg) Aquaal Leiliri. A pyramid complex at the coordinates contains a dimensional transporter which malfunctions, triggering a massive solar flare. The complex is destroyed and the Lena is feared destroyed along with it, but reappears 3 days later, having been transported to the 29th century. The Lena has sustained minor damage, and has a severely wounded Möbius aboard. Also aboard are Guurps, who had stowed away; and Lieutenant Willa Tau, a liaison officer from the Havenic Imperial Federation.

The Lena is transported to Starbase 21 for repairs. M'Rel, Seth and Tal become embroiled in exposing an alleged conspiracy to infiltrate the Federation by the androids who attacked Dyson Base. Tal, a Tellarite, gains the sobriquet, "the Killer Targ" during an epic barroom brawl with a group of Klingons.

Returning to Dyson Base, M'Rel, Tal and Seth make first contact with the Empire of the Fading Sun, a nation within the Dyson Sphere. They foil a coup and are awarded the Emperor's Thanks. Ensigns Tal and Seth Bern are promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade).

Möbius awakens from his coma and leaves Dyson Base disappearing into a temporal portal in the corona of the Sphere's central star, Dyson. He is followed by the USS Lena, which finds itself stranded in an alternate universe. On a planet known to its inhabitants as the Glory Road, the crew encounters a psionic "wizard" named Bowen the Black, who leads them to a dimensional gate which transports them to the "Library" an extradimensional repository of the knowledge of the many universes. There, they learn the true identity of Möbius, and meet a diminutive man named Dhama Gupta. Gupta claims to be a Buddhist monk from ancient Earth, and to be a refugee from the String of Pearls, but is ignorant of Möbius current location. He arranges for them to return to Dyson Base, mere seconds after they entered the portal.

The Federation and Klingons attack Cardassia. In reaction to Dominion massacres of Cardassian citizens, the Cardassian fleet rebels and joins the attack. The Dominion is defeated when Odo links with the Founder in charge of operations in the Alpha Quadrant and convinces her to surrender.


Repairs and renovations at Dyson Base completed. Additional crew, 2 new Danube class Runabouts and 2 Peregrine class Light Attack Craft assigned to Dyson Base. With the end of the Dominion War, expansions to the Dyson Base facilities are planned. Lieutenants Thoma and M'Rel are promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Thoma's post as XO becomes full-time, and M'Rel is assigned as senior flight control officer.

USS Challenger participates in an attack on the Borg-infested Earth. Using the high-warp slingshot technique, Challenger returns in time to just before the Borg incursion in 2063. Once Captain Myrissaw is certain that the Borg interference has been nullified, they return to the year 2376. The cloaking device is removed and is scheduled to be handed over to the Romulans.

Challenger undergoes repairs at Utopia Planitia Starfleet Yards (Mars, Sector 0-0-1). The crew returns to Starfleet HQ for debriefing. Wesson guest lectures on Temporal Engineering at Daystrom Institute.

USS Lena rescues a H'Ranna family group which has strayed into the Dyson Sphere's subway transport system. A new species, the Hyborii, is catalogued.

The Shroud of the Sword is found in the personal effects of the late da'Har Master Kor.

Returning to Dyson Base from advanced training courses in Sector 0-0-1, the crew of the USS Lena encounter the long-lost starliner SS Leviathan and solve the mystery of its disappearance a century earlier.

USS Challenger completes repairs. Lieutenant Commander Tuvol assigned as Chief Engineer. Challenger assigned to patrol occupied Cardassian territory. Her first mission is to survey the Cardassian mining station Cretok Nor in the Monaria system. Several hundred Federation prisoners are discovered sealed in mining holds on the station. Most are dead. Among the survivors are Captain Sundown, Ensign Sito Jaxa, and Lieutenants Thomas Riker and Ro Laren. The latter two are wanted for desertion and Maquis activities, but escape before their identities are discovered.

Investigating a stray sensor reading, the USS Lena enounters a revived Starfleet Lieutenant Natasha Yar, who has been living in the Sphere since her escape from the String of Pearls. An attack on her camp by the android Kapecki forces Yar and the Lena's crew to take refuge in the Sphere's maintenance tunnels.

The starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E visits Dyson Base to interview Tasha Yar. While the Enterprise is there, a Romulan Warbird commanded by Tal Shiar Commander Sela arrives, also to see Yar. "Ensign T'Zil"–actually a Tal Shiar operative named Tzillia– is revealed to be alive, though hideously scarred from the explosion of her ship, and is working under Sela. After a tense confrontation, both the Enterprise (with Yar aboard) and the Romulan ship depart the Sphere.

As the ships leave the Sphere portal, a subspace anomaly is detected, and is investigated by the USS Lena. The crew of the Lena are transported off the ship into the anomaly, but return seconds later reporting that they have spent several weeks in an alternate universe where they were embroiled in a war between the Kapecki androids and two factions of Finori, ultimately rescuing Möbius and Yaskoydray, who once more takes his rebellious creations in hand.


Lieutenant (jg) Tal is invited to the wedding of the QorveS, the Klingon who dubbed him the "Killer Targ", at QorveS' ancestral home on Qo'noS. While there, he is framed for murdering QorveS' father and wounding QorveS. The killer is eventually revealed to be the father of QorveS' betrothed, and Tal is released.

Chancellor Martok assigns Dr. Keh'Lef to attempt to find a cure for the crew of the IKV bortaS, who are suffering the effects of the mutated genetic virus which caused the change in the Klingon genome 220 years ago.

Dr. Keh'Lef arrives at Dyson Base.

The crew of the Lena discover Romulan agents in bortaS City. M'Rel, Tal and Seth make First Contact with the inhabitants of Bor'taS City, descendants of the Klingon crew. Dr. Keh'Lef preemptively reveals the truth to the Bor'taS prompting widespread (and violent) disagreement among the Klingons.

Romulans abduct the population of a small Klingon village outside bortaS City, using hijacked Sphere maintenance drones. The Lena captures the Romulans and destroys their outpost after rescues the Klingon villagers. Subcommander Tzillia is discovered to be in command of the Romulan infiltrators.

The computers being used by the Romulans to hijack the Sphere maintenance drones are found to contain Borg technology stolen from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. The Borg components adapt to the Romulan and Starfleet computer systems and begin assimilating Romulan and Federation personnel.

The Borg, who have not yet constructed a vinculum and are thus unable to contact the Collective and complete their assimilation, are destroyed after assimilating a village full of simianoids known as the Pongo.

Galaxy Class USS Eagle arrives to assess the Borg situation. Commander Shelby is aboard.

M'Rel, Tal and Seth exchanged minds with their Mirror Universe counterparts. They are detected and narrowly manage to escape. Meanwhile, their counterparts cause mayhem on Dyson Base. Attempting to reverse the mind-swith, they accidentally cause a dimensional shift and wind up in a limbo-like space, face-to-face with their Mirror counterparts. The Mirror-M'Rel and Tal succumb to the deleterious effects of this "limbo," but M'Rel, Tal and both Seths escape to a place known as Centre on a planet called the "Phase World." They are taken into custody, but escape. The Mirror-Seth deserts them.


Bajor formally admitted to Federation

USS Voyager returns from the Delta Quadrant after 7 years. Kathryn Janeway is promoted to Rear Admiral.

Crew of USS Lena transferred to SS Rising Sun under cover of being cashiered. SS Rising Sun assigned to Starfleet Intelligence mission to investigate Gigantic starship ISSD Invictus marauding in the Triangle, and to find missing Lieutenant (provisional) Juran.


Rising Sun locates Juran in Triangle and kills Lord Vader. Lady Vader vows revenge.

Crew of Rising Sun detatched as command crew to aging USS Excalibur NCC-1705-A, pulled out of museum, to use Silver Ball to take ISSD Executor back to its own universe.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E dispatched to Romulus. Events of Star Trek: Nemesis occur, with assassination of Romulan Continuing Committee and coup by Shinzon of Remus.

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

USS Excalibur NCC-1705-A uses Silver Ball to return ISSD Executor to Mirror Star Wars Universe. Executor is destroyed by Excalibur.

ISS Rising Sun explores wormhole to Mirror Star Wars Universe. In command is Commander M'Rel-2. ISS Rising Sun allies itself with Emperor 0B-1 Kenobi and sets out to investigate Excalibur's warp signature. Excalibur engages Rising Sun and captures it. M-Rel-1 takes on identity of M'Rel-2 and plays for time to transfer Silver Ball generator to Rising Sun. Under cover of checking status of wormhole, ISS Rising Sun uses Quantum Torpedo to destabilise the wormhole, then uses Silver Ball to return home with crippled Excalibur in tow.


USS Excalibur NCC-1705-A returns to Federation space. The crew have defeated and captured a Mirror Universe Defiant class Escort ISS Rising Sun along with some 40 of their Mirror counterparts, including M'Rel-2, Seth-2, Tal-2 and Leiliri-2.

Crew of SS Rising Sun debriefed and sent to Bajor for 6-month leave. Leiliri attends Starfleet Medical Academy to complete her MD.


ISS Rising Sun refitted and redesignated USS Rising Sun NCC-77465 and assigned to Cretok Nor under command of Commander M'Rel. Wesson stays on as Assistant Chief Engineer with rank of Lieutenant (Provisional). Lt. Leiliri is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as Chief Medical Officer. LCdr. N'rrmal assigned as Executive Officer. Seth is framed for Leiliri's murder. It is actually Leiliri-2, killed by Glinn Seth.

Romulan government in disarray. Tal'aura declares herself Praetor. Donatra opposes her, while Tomalak supports her. Blockade of Remus. Donatra forms Imperial Romulan State and declares herself Empress.on Achermar Prime.

Enterprise-E undergoes repairs. Riker commands Titan. Bev Crusher commands Starfleet Medical. Rising Sun investigates underground ruin on Monaria discovered by Romulan miners, rescues Sela's Tal Shiar unit. Ro Laren surrenders to crew of USS Rising Sun, pleads guilty, remanded to penal colony.

Gul Macet leads conservative movement on Cardassia Prime. Garak backs democratic movement.


Romulus moves toward civil war. Tomalak skirmishes with Remans.Spock returns to UFP. Xiomek of Remus supports his Unification movement.

Picard appointed to lead new anti-Borg defense, enlists Seven of Nine. Stargazer-A lead ship of Stargazer class.Starfleet redesigns uniforms, rank insignia.


Proconsul Tomalak appointed to retake planets held by Empress Donatra. Praetor agrees to reform Romulan Senate. Klingons attack Romulan Star Empire, retaking Khitomer Sector. Unification movement appeals to UFP Council.

Councilor T'Los of Vulban opposes Unification movement. HoloDoc files lawsuit over possession of mobile emitter.

Ro Laren finishes rehabilitation and returns to Bajor. Appointed Head of Security of DS9.


Riots in Romulan capital, Ki Baratan. Spock returns to Unificationist on Romulus. War between Star Empire and Imperial State.

Klingons recall Ambassador to UFP over disageements about attacks on Star Empire.

Federation court rejects HoloDoc's suit over sapience. Soong Foundation appeals. And announces it is working on their own mobile emitter.


Praetor Tal'aura removes Tomalak as Proconsul and appoits Sela. Tal'aura agrees to negotiate borders with Empress Donatra. On SD 61602.0, Tal'aura is found dead in her quarters. Tal Shiar investigates. Donatra denies responsibility. Sela blames Remans and Unificationists.

On SD 61829.83, IKS Quv attacked by Gorns. King Xrathis of Gorn denies responsibility. Chancellor Martok expels Gorn diplomats over it.


Ferengi open Embassy on DS9. B-4 transferred to Soong Foundation custody. Picard retires and is appointed UFP ambassador to Vulcan. Crusher promoted to Captain and transferred to USS Pasteur. Geordi La Forge takes leave of absence to design starships. Soong Foundation unlocks "Data matrix", causing Data's identity to surface. Soong Foundation upgrades B-4's positronic brain. Worf resigns again from Starfleet and again becomes Ambassador to Qo'noS. He begins relationship with Grilka. Enterprise-E begins refit. Starfleet dismantles Borg Task Force. Annika Hansen disagrees and leaves Starfleet for Daystrom Institute.

Proconsul Sela meets with Empress Donatra to re-merge Star Empire and Imperial State. Donatra retains command over military and forms alliance with Remans. Chulan appointed Praetor.


Romulan Mining Guild reports Remus seriously overmined. Senator Rehaek assassinated, Sela arrested and sentenced to death. Donatra intervenes. Sela accepts permenent exile.

King Xrathis of Gorn dies, Crown Prince Slathis succeeds him. More skirmishes with the Klingon Empire follow.

Worf marries Grilka. B-4 finishes upgrades and Data's persona takes over. Data's commission rectivated and he is promoted to Captain of the refitted Enterprise-E. UFP signs new treaty with Cardassia.


Daystrom Institute launches experimental ship Jellyfish, designed by Geordi La Forge. Sela leads attack fleet against Klingon Empire. Hobus star begins to fluctuate in preparation to go supernova. Donatra and Xiomek travel to Romulus. Spock returns to Vulcan to consult with Science Academy. Hobus goes supernova, destroying Romulus and Remus. Starfleet sends relief fleet, which is attacked by Nero and the Narada. Chulan and leaders of the Senate escape, but are found by the USS Nobel dead in space. Donatra is presumed dead.

Chancellor Martok promotes Worf to General and dispatches him with fleet to Romulan Space. Spock pilots Jellyfish to Hobus system, containing the supernova. Spock is believed lost.


After destruction of Romulus, death of Praetor Chulan and disappearance of Donatra, the Star Empire is in chaos. Rator III declares itself the new Romulan capital world, but is challenged by Achernar Prime and Abraxas V. UFP promises help, as do Cardassians, but Klingons refuse. Klingon/Federation alliance strained.

Orions open talks with Klingons and Breen. Worf and Grilka celebrate birth of son K'Dhan.

Federation News Service reports Vulcan knew about Hobus but refused to help.


Infighting continues among leaders of Star Empire. Dozens declare them Praetor or Proconsul. Most are assassinated. Klingons take advantage and attack, as do Gorn.

Garak's coalition wins majority on Cardassia Prime and reforms Detapa Council.

UFP Council finds that Vulcan is innocent of claims that it did nothing about Hobus, but criticizes use of red matter. T'Los retires from UFP Council. HoloDoc's suit expanded into class-action suit for all artificial lifeforms.


Nausicaans constructing covert bases alog Romulan border.Klingon and Gorn attacks continue. Admiral Taris of the Star Empire is gaining influence.

Captain Data believes he has detected incusions by Species 8472.


Raids by Nausicaan pirates continue to disrupt shipping lines on the edges of Federation space.

Federation Transport Union recommends that its members refuse any official cargos without adequate protection. Starfleet Command reluctantly agrees to pull back from the Klingon-Romulan border and reassign those ships to patrol the shipping routes. Leaders of some of the Romulan colony worlds howl with indignation.

J'dah, a Klingon with ties to extremist groups opposed to Martok's rule, is found dead. Security officers determine that J'dah was killed by a disruptor blast at close range and shoved out an airlock.talks between the Klingons and Gorn break down. The Klingons push their advance into Gorn territory, and the Gorn move ships away from their outlying territories.

Taris calls on the leaders of the colony worlds to meet at Rator III to select representatives for a new Romulan Senate and make plans to organize a government and build a new capital. Sela and her followers have landed on Makar, an M-class planet in the Beta Quadrant with abundant supplies of decalithium and heavy metals.

The Cardassian Detapa Council scores a major victory when it concludes negotiations with Ferengi Grand Nagus Rom for assistance in rebuilding their industrial complexes. Responding to the possibility of Species 8472 appearing in Federation space, Starfleet Command assigns a task force to investigate any possible appearances of the race.


News of the race for Federation President dominates news nets for much of the year. While a Federation diplomatic team, led by Alexander Roshenko, hopes that a successful cease fire agreement will open the door to expand the summit to deal with Klingon-Federation trade and defense agreements that are set to expire in 2394, it quickly becomes obvious that neither the Klingons nor the Gorn are willing to budge on their demands.

One of the Romulans's construction projects is Rihan, a new capital city being constructed on Rator III. A group of moderates suggests that the Romulans need a single figure to focus their energies and cites historical records of Romulan rulers. Admiral Taris indicates that she would support the revival of the monarchy. However, Taris says that any move to crown a ruler must be made by the Romulan people.


The rapid rise of a new chancellor for the Klingon High Council has thrown the empire's relations with the Federation and other major powers into doubt. Strained relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire have made gathering detailed information about the current political situation on Qo'noS difficult. The regime change in the Klingon Empire is a major cause for concern for the Federation, and President Okeg recalls Ambassador Worf to Earth for consultations. Ultimately, the Federation decides to take a wait-and-see approach, welcoming J'mpok and inviting him to meet with the Federation at his earliest convenience.

Happier news for the Federation is the formal admission of Tama Prime as a full member. While doing a stellar survey near 2466 PM, the U.S.S. Stargazer-A is contacted by an entity claiming to be from the Metron Consortium. The legal fight for civil rights for artificial lifeform hits a snag over the hologram known as "Moriarty." The Cardassians take a major step toward self sufficiency when Detapa Council member Natima Lang strikes an agreement with Reman leader General Lorix when Lorix agrees to sell dilithium and heavy metal ores to the Cardassians.

In Romulan space, the Romulan Colonial Organization Committee continues the work of forming a new Romulan government. Several legislative sessions are interrupted by arguments between Generals Taris and Tebok about what the role of the Romulan military should be.


Chancellor J'mpok of the Klingon High Council moves to cement his position by launch the negotiations with Melani Di'an of the Orion Syndicate into high gear. Ambassador Worf returns to Qo'noS, he finds he is in need of a new executive aide. The ambassador's son, Alexander Rozhenko, resigns his position as a diplomat for the Federation and leaves Qo'noS, sending his son D'Vak to stay with Worf and his family.


Tragedy strikes for Starfleet on Stardate 72487.91, when the U.S.S. Kelso is lost with all hands while studying the long-term effects of the Hobus supernova on star systems in the Devron Sector. Starfleet Security admits that the U.S.S. Kelso was testing a Federation cloaking device. The Romulans eject all Federation diplomats and ships from their space in protest. Tensions between the three powers are at their highest point since the destruction of the Romulan homeworld in 2387. After a full inquiry, six members of Starfleet Security are court-martialed.

Happier news for Starfleet is the successful conclusion of the dispute over the mobile emitter now in the possession of the photonic lifeform known as The Doctor. He agrees to accept a commission as a lieutenant commander in Starfleet and takes the post of chief medical officer at the research facility on Galor IV. Because the mobile emitter will be with him at Galor IV, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers will have the opportunity to study the device.

A strange incident is reported on the Klingon world of Rha'darus. While on shore leave from his duties on the I.K.S. Kang, Ja'rod, son of Torg, is ambushed by three Klingon warriors. He manages to kill two of them, and brings the third back to his ship. Expecting the attack to be from an enemy of the House of Duras, Ja'rod is shocked to discover that his attackers weren't Klingon at all! Application of a painstick forces the captive to change and its shape morphs from a Klingon to a strange tripedal alien. Under questioning by Ja'rod and members of the Kang's crew, the alien reveals that it is a member of a species known by its Borg designation of Species 8472. The alien calls itself an Undine, and reveals that not only was its party specifically sent to Rha'darus to capture Ja'rod and replace him, this was not the first time the Undine have done so. There are Undine infiltrators in every major political entity of the Alpha and Beta quadrants.


A medical crisis puts a strain on the rebuilding Romulan Star Empire. An outbreak of Bloodfire ravages the Kevratas system, ultimately spreading to multiple colony worlds. Nausicaan forces working for the Gorn Hegemony destroy three Klingon outposts with a coordinated surprise attack. A Klingon fleet obliterates a hidden Nausicaan base in the Orelious IX asteroid belt, and then proceeds to hunt down and destroy every Nausicaan ship that escaped before the base was destroyed.

Starfleet observation posts are seeing an increase in ship traffic going to the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant. Reports are that the Dopterians are funneling ships and supplies to Romulan exile Sela and her followers in exchange for decalithium. Ships similar to reports from the U.S.S. Voyager have also been sighted. Since Sela is well out of Federation space, Starfleet has no grounds on which to stop the trade.

Alexander Rozhenko returns to Earth with his son D'Vak. Rozhenko takes a post teaching political science at the Saint Petersburg State University and tells friends that he is considering writing a book about his experiences on Boreth, but that he has no plans to return to the Klingon Empire.


An era ends when Geordi La Forge leaves Engineering for Command. La Forge had been dividing his time between ship design and his duties with Starfleet for several years, but when the opportunity arrives to take his own command he cannot turn it down. La Forge is promoted to captain of the U.S.S. Challenger, and recommends Commander Nog to be chief engineer of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E.

The I.K.S. Kang, missing since the previous year, reappears long enough for its captain to announce that the House of Duras will formally ally with the House of J'mpok. Captain Ja'rod, now calling himself Ja'rod, son of Lursa, says that he is taking leadership of the House of Duras.

In Romulan space, the government of Kevratas, which was decimated by a plague of Bloodfire and the subsequent Romulan quarantine, declares its independence from Romulan rule. Praetor Taris orders General Tebok to put down the insurrection with force, but the general refuses to order his troops to fire on civilians. In response for his insubordination, Taris orders Tebok to resign his position as head of the Romulan military. Tebok refuses and instead appeals to the Senate, which overrules Taris.


In Starfleet, Lieutenant Naomi Wildman is assigned as the new helm officer of the U.S.S. Hathaway. And Miral Paris, another child who was born on the U.S.S. Voyager, enters Starfleet Academy.

On Stardate 75705.90, the Federation-mediated peace talks between the Gorn Hegemony and the Klingon Empire are disrupted by an explosion that rocks the resort on Casperia Prime where the talks are being held. The device is tracked back to Toral, son of Duras, who is wanted for crimes against both the Federation and the Klingon Empire. The Gorkon pursues Toral's ship into the Archanis Sector, but it escapes.


On Stardate 76014.61, dignitaries from throughout the Federation gather to celebrate the opening of the first links of the Federation transwarp network.

On Stardate 76306.19, the I.R.W. Alth'lndor notifies Nova Roma that it is experiencing unexplained malfunctions in several systems, but that the problems should not impede the ship's progress. Tebok assures Velal that the engineers on the Alth'lndor believe the problems are being caused by a computer virus and that they will have a solution for the problem shortly. Two hours later, the Alth'lndor drops out of warp and transmits a final distress signal. The I.R.W. Kaidor is the closest vessel, and it races to the Alth'lndor's location. The Kaidor reports detecting an antimatter containment failure, but before her crew can act the Alth'lndor explodes, killing General Tebok and all hands.


The combined force of the Gorn and Nausicaan fleets initially repels the Klingon advance, earning them a measure of respect for their ferocity in battle. For its part, the Federation is reinforcing outposts and colonies along the border of Klingon space and preparing to handle any spillover of hostilities. However, standard orders are to not seek out a confrontation.

Praetor Taris sways some Senators to her side, but her general unpopularity with the Romulan populace dooms her call for expanded executive powers. The Senate proceeds with its plan to limit the power of the praetor. In another possible problem for the Romulan praetor, agents for Starfleet Intelligence have intercepted and decoded several messages from Nova Roma to a planet deep in the Beta Quadrant. These messages point out irregularities in the reports about the death of General Tebok and the destruction of the I.R.W. Alth'lndor. Sela has ordered her spies to investigate and find the truth of the matter.


Starfleet Intelligence observers report that a possible uprising in Romulan space that could further destabilize the already troubled empire. The commander of the Romulan Second Fleet reportedly met with Sela and some of her exiled followers in the Zeta Volantis system

On Stardate 78092.83, Natima Lang is elected as the castellan of the Cardassian Union.

Two Starfleet advancements of note: Lieutenant Commander Naomi Wildman is appointed as second officer of the U.S.S. Hathaway, and Miles O'Brien is named head of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, the first time a non-commissioned officer has held that position.

Overshadowing everything in 2401 is the Klingon-Gorn war.

On Qo'noS, the Klingon High Council is rocked by the revelation that Councilor Konjah is an Undine. The Undine masquerading as Konjah was killed, and his body taken to the High Council chambers. Chancellor J'mpok then strips the House of Konjah of its titles and status, and its members are either killed or forced into hiding.


After two years of war, the Klingons blockade the Gorn homeworld; it seems very likely that they will soon win the war. A Klingon religious group attempts to kidnap Miral Paris during her senior cadet cruise, claiming she is their kuvah'mah. The group attacks the U.S.S. Pike, but is repelled.

In positive news, Starfleet revolutionizes ship building processes to create a more modular system. This allows for easier customization and repair of Starfleet ships. Ambassador Jean-Luc Picard retires and settles in France.

The Gorn Hegemony falls to the Klingon Empire. One blow for the Klingons this year is the departure of Emperor Kahless. Late in the year, Kahless handpicks a crew from the Order of the Bat'leth and departs on the I.K.S. Batlh.

In Romulan space, the conflict between Prateor Taris and General Velal continues to divide the already fractured empire. Kevatras and Abraxas Prime throw their support behind the rebellion, giving Velal and Sela's forces much needed safe havens and supply bases. The war comes to an abrupt end on Stardate 80957.96, when forces of the Romulan Second Fleet approach Rator III. The Senate names Sela as praetor and General Velal as the leader of the Romulan fleet by acclamation. The reign of Praetor Taris is over.


Starfleet celebrates the opening of more links in the Federation transwarp network.

On Stardate 81753.16, Chancellor J'mpok informs the Federation ambassador that he is invoking ancient claims to the Hromi Cluster and the sectors surrounding it, an area that has been ceded to the Federation for decades.


On Stardate 82001.36, Federation President Aennik Okeg informs the Klingon Empire that the Federation will not leave the Hromi Cluster or the sectors surrounding it. The Klingon response is swift. Three days later a Klingon fleet invades the Korvat system. The Klingons clash with a fleet of Starfleet ships sent to protect the colony and stop Klingon landing parties attempting to forcibly remove Federation citizens from the planet. The Klingons gets more support when a coalition of Nausicaan tribes signs a non-aggression pact with the empire. Nausicaans who choose to swear fealty to the Klingon Empire will be able to join the Klingon Defense Force and own property in the Empire.


The war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire heats up when the Klingon fleets invade the Archanis Sector. Military observers predict that the fight for the Archanis Sector will be a long one.

One thing that may help Starfleet is an advance in power cell technology developed by the research teams at Memory Alpha. The new cells make personal shield generators feasible for Starfleet officers on away teams. Starfleet medical ships, including the U.S.S. Pasteur, U.S.S. Comfort, U.S.S. Curie and U.S.S. Fleming, are diverted to the Federation colony in the Carnegie system to combat a highly-virulent plague that reportedly has affected more than 80 percent of the population. In one Starfleet promotion of note, Admiral Chakotay is named the new head of Starfleet Intelligence. Chakotay promises to bring more openness and accountability to what has traditionally been a very reclusive post.


Fighting continues in the Archanis Sector, with both the Federation and the Klingons reporting significant losses.

The Vulcan Science Academy is working on improvements to transwarp technology.


The Klingon and Gorn invade Cestus III, and Starfleet masses a fleet to defend the planet and its population.

On Stardate 85365.28, years of instability and infighting in the Romulan Star Empire seemingly come to a close with the coronation of Empress Sela. The new empress will have no praetor, and the Senate will serve at her pleasure. Sela calls for a return to the traditions of old, including the carrying of honor blades and blood oaths.

After Starfleet loses contact with Starbase 236 in late September, it sends the U.S.S. Enterprise-E to investigate.

29th Century

The Constitution Class starship USS Excalibur, NCC-1705, accidentally travels to the Havenic Imperial Federation and rescues Major Jonathan David Norton from stasis. Norton returns with the Excalibur to the 23rd century.

Several years later, the HIMS Sophista, the starship on which Princess Callista serves, strays into a wormhole and is propelled back in time to the United Federation of Planets. The Federation starship Excalibur is instrumental in her return to the HIF.

Several decades after the return of the Sophista, the runabout Lena appears in Havenic space as a result of a malfuntion in a complex in the Dyson Sphere. The Scout Service cruiser HIMS Kzinti Lightning assists in returning them to the 24th century.

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