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Bonaventure, USS - NCC-27102
Excelsior Mk.II class starship assigned to support Dyson Base.
Bras D'Or, USS - NCC-72125
Saber class starship assigned to Dobhran Sector.
Colloquial term for the unknown race who constructed the Dyson Sphere. Some experts believe that the Builders may have been the same race known as the Preservers.
Challenger, USS - NCC-74695
Intrepid class starship listed as missing in second Borg attack on Sector 001. The Challenger was actually trapped in an alternate Borg-infested universe.
Cretok Nor
Cardassian station in the Monaria system, used as prisoner holding facility during the Dominion War.
Discovery, USS - NCC-62049
Nebula class starship assigned to Arteline Sector (see the Star Trek, The Next Generation Core Rule Book by Last Unicorn Games.
The cosmic subspace background (CSB, CSBR), in Big Bang cosmology, is subspace radiation as a remnant from an early stage of the universe, also known as "relic radiation". The CSB is faint cosmic background radiation filling all subspace.
Dneiper, USS - NCC-74562
Danube class runabout assigned to Dyson Base. Named after river in Europe on Earth.
Dneister, USS - NCC-74563
Danube class runabout assigned to Dyson Base. Named after river in Europe on Earth.
G5 class star in the centre of the Dyson Sphere.
Dyson Base
StarFleet outpost inside the Dyson Sphere.
Dyson, Freeman
Earth mathematician who first proposed the concept of a shell of power-collection satellites surrounding a star so densely that they completely obscure the star. Later writers expanded the concept to a solid shell surrounding the star.
Dyson One
Federation astrometric designation for the Dyson Sphere discovered on stardate 46125.3 by the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D. Since it is the only known structure of its type, it is usually just referred to by the generic description. It is in the small protion of the United Federation of Planets within the Beta Quadrant, but its precise coordinates are classified.
Dyson Sphere
A huge spherical structure surrounding a star. Dyson One is constructed of carbon-neutronium, and has a radius of 150,000,000 kilometres.
Dyson Station
An R-class orbital station assigned to Dyson Base as command hub for all Starfleet operations within the Dyson One Sphere.
Enterprise, USS - NCC-1701-D
Galaxy class starship which discovered the wreckage of the USS Jenolan in 2369, rescued Captain Scott and logged the existance of the Dyson Sphere.
Fleet Information Distribution Office
Starfleet Command's public affairs office. All information released to the public concerning policies, personnel, equipment or other matters pertaining to Starfleet is channelled through FIDO.
Freeman's Island
Small island within the Dyson Sphere upon which the main facility for Dyson Base is located.
Powerful entity responsible for creating the Dyson Sphere. Grandfather is believed to be dead.
H.Beam Piper, DTI - NCV-1075
The DTI H.Beam Piper is the tenth Thucydides class timeship to be commissioned, named for the American author Henry Beam Piper, a noted writer of science fiction stories in the mid-20th century, including the Paratime stories, which involve the Paratime Police, a temporal agency much like the DTI.
Haida, USS - NCC-77600
Nova class starship assigned to Dobhran Sector.
"Human-like" A Humanoid being is an upright biped with upper manipulatory limbs and a head. So-called for their resemblance to the configuration of Humans.
Jenolan, USS - NCC-2010
Sydney class transport vessel which crashed on the outer surface of the Dyson Sphere in 2294.
Labrador, USS - NCC-69873
Nebula class starship assigned to Dobhran Sector.
Lena, USS - NCC-74575
Danube class runabout assigned to Dyson Base. Named after river in Siberia on Earth.
Magnificent, USS - NCC-70812
Akira class starship assigned to Dobhran Sector.
Small, low yield photon torpedo.
Mjolnir, USS - NCC-70101
Saber class starship assigned to Dobhran Sector.
Möbius (Moebius)
Powerful entity believed to control the Dyson Sphere. Möbius is rumoured to have killed Grandfather to assume his position.
Mount Selaya, USS - NCC-76652
Everest class starship based as Starbase 21.
Matter in which the electron shells are collapsed to form and extremely dense, very strong material. Neutronium must be kept in an intense gravitational field to prevent the electron shells from expanding explosively. The shell of the Dyson Sphere is constructed of carbon-neutronium. It is unknown how the Builders contained the neutronium, as the artificial gravitational field in the Sphere seems to be insufficient to keep the electron shells collapsed. The only other artificial neutronium discovered to date was the so-called Doomsday Machine encountered by the USS Constellation NCC-1017 in 2267.
Energy beam weapon, ranging in size from small arms to starship weapons. Pseudo-acronym for PHASed Energy Rectification.
Photon Torpedo
Warp-capable antimatter-armed missile.
Vernacular term for photon torpedo.
Colloquial term for the unknown race which rescued primitive cultures from extinction, transplanting them to other planets. Some experts believe them to have built the Dyson Sphere.
Red River, USS - NCC-74581
Danube class runabout assigned to Dyson Base. Named after river in North America on Earth.
Rising Sun, ISS - NCC-37465
Mirror-Universe Defiant class Escort captured by Commander M'Rel.
Rising Sun, SS - NAR-37465
Aerie class ship temporarily commanded by Commander M'Rel.
Rising Sun, USS - NCC-77465, formerly Rising Sun, ISS - NCC-37465
Refitted Mirror-Universe Defiant class Escort commanded by Commander M'Rel.
Small starship used as courier, transport and scout. Contrary to popular belief, runabouts are never assigned as auxiliary vessels on larger starships, although they may be transported to remote bases by starships.
Scott, Captain Montgomery
Retired Starfleet engineer who disappeared aboard the USS Jenolan in 2294. Found in transporter stasis by the USS Enterprise in 2369.
Siene, USS - NCC-72461
Danube class runabout assigned to Dyson Base. Named after river in western Europe on Earth.
Section 31
A covert department of Starfleet Intelligence, not answerable to the chain of command. Shortly after its inception, Section 31 went underground and successfully hid its existance even from the Federation Council and Starfleet Command until being exposed during the Dominion War. Contrary to rumour, Section 31 is a very small organisation preferring to work through external agents.
Small short-range vessel often carried as auxiliary vessel on larger starships.
St. Lawrence, USS - NCC-72480
Danube class runabout assigned to Dyson Base. Named after river in eastern North America on Earth.
Non-starship-based Starfleet facility serving as support and administrative base for Starfleet operations in a specified area. Most starbases are designated by number (Starbase 21) or classification and number (Starbase Deep Space Nine), though some are designated by name (Farspace Starbase Earhart) or location (Starbase Lya III). Starbases are usually space-based installations, though some are planetside facilities or a mix of both.
Starbase 21
Starfleet facility administering the sector in which the Dyson Sphere was discovered.
Uniformed exploration and defense service of the United Federation of Planets. Starfleet maintains a fleet of starships, star bases and ground troops.
Warp-capable vessel capable of independant operations over a long duration. The Danube class runabout is the smallest starship used by the Federation.
Thames, USS - NCC-72475
Danube class runabout assigned to Dyson Base. Named after river in Great Britain on Earth. Destroyed in attack on Dyson Base on SD 52850.
Thames II, USS - NCC-79054
Atlantic class runabout assigned to Dyson Base. Second runabout to bear the name. Replacement for USS Thames - NCC-72475.
Tiber, USS - NCC 72499
Danube class runabout assigned to Dyson Base. Named after a river in southern Europe on Earth. Destroyed in attack on Dyson Base on SD 52850.
Time (noun)
Time is a dimension, usually defined as the fourth dimension (the first three being the spacial dimensions, tagged X, Y and Z co-ordinates) usually tagged T co-ordinate. Time has no direction,but is perceived linearly from "downtime" (past) to "uptime" (future). Broadly speaking, downtime and uptime can be differentiated by the progession of entropy (the tendency to decreasing availability of useable energy in an isolated system) where uptime is perceived as "toward" increased entropy. The temporal point inhabited by an observing consciousness "travelling" "forward" at a rate of 1sec/sec is known as the specious (false) or apparent present.

"Time is an illusion", once mused the physicist Albert Einstein, to which the philosopher Douglas Adams later replied, "Lunchtime, doubly so."
Unified Field Theory (noun)
In physics, a Unified Field Theory (UFT), occasionally referred to as a Uniform Field Theory, is a type of field theory that redefines electromagnetism, the strong and weak nuclear forces and gravitation in terms of a single field. This theory was put forth in 2000 on Earth in The Theory of Everything, a posthumous paper by Professor Richard Whittington PhD.(Physics) 1935-1995, under the peudonym Professor Richard Hope.

Andor Toast (noun)
Refers to any foul-tasting or otherwise inedible food. Commonly used to refer to standard survival-ration concentrates.
Ah-nuld (noun)
A particularly large, strong individual. [Origin unknown]
Axanar (adjective)
Describes a singular waste of time and effort. [Klingon origin]
Babel (noun)
A group of merry-makers.
Beam'n'Scream (verb)
To beam into a dangerous situation. [Security/ground forces use]
Belter (noun)
An Asteroid Belt miner.
Cardie (noun)
A Cardassian. [Derogatory]
Cataloguing Gaseous Anomalies (verb)
To break wind in one's environmental suit.
CC (noun)
Abbreviation for "computerised cranium." Derogatory term for an annoyingly intelligent person. [Academy use]
Crash and Burn (expression)
To fail an examination. [Academy use]
DC (noun)
Abbreviation for "damage control." To be engaged in DC operations refers to attempts to cover up a blatant error before a superior detects it.
Diode Failure (expression)
Mental exhaustion from work or study.
Dunsel (noun)
A piece of equipment for which there is no logical purpose.
Dustbuster (noun)
A Phaser II. [Origin unknown]
Felgercarb (noun)
Crap [exclamation]
Fire Photons (expression)
To encounter digestive trouble while engaged in zero-gravity operations.
Frak (verb)
To fornicate [exclamation] Examples: "Frak off", "Frak you", "Frakkin' hell", "Frak!".
Frell (verb)
To fornicate [exclamation] Examples: "Frell off", "Frell you", "Frellin' hell", "Frell!".
Jemmy (noun)
A Jem'Hadar. [Derogatory]
Kirk (verb)
To solve a problem by unconventional means. Reference to Starfleet Captain James Tiberius Kirk.
Kobo (noun)
An individual who is undergoing an examination or test without being aware of the nature of the problem. Abbreviation of Kobayashi Maru, refers to the Academy exercise of that name. [Academy faculty use]
Left-Handed Spanner (noun)
An engineer with an unorthodox approach.
Misthead (noun)
A person with no real conception of reality; an Academy midshipman. [Academy use]
Mount Olympus (noun)
The Bridge of a starship. [Lower decks use]
Murder Mile (noun)
The Starfleet Academy obstacle course (a mile is an obsolete measurement of distance, equal to approximately 1.6 kilometres). [Academy use]
NPC (noun)
Someone who knows more about what's going on than you do, but who won't tell you. [Origin unknown]
Orion (noun)
An underhanded or deceitful action;
To carry out such an action for personal gain.
Offlander (noun)
A person from another planet; also "Offworlder", "Outlander". [often Derogatory]
Phaser Fodder (noun)
Security officers/ground troops.
Pink (adjective)
Substandard, cheap, useless, a "lemon". Translation of the Andorian word bouf. [Andorian usage]
Pink-skin (noun)
A Human. [Derogatory - Andorian usage]
Points (noun)
A Vulcan or Romulan. Refers to distinctive Vulcanoid ear shape. [Derogatory]
Power Down (verb)
To relax off duty, usually in the company of comrades.
Picasso (noun)
A transporter accident involving corruption of the matter stream while materialising a person; usually fatal. Refers to distorted imagery employed by 20th century artist Pablo Picasso.
Red-Shirted (verb)
To be transferred to a branch of service or a posting with a high casualty rate, usually involuntarily. Refers to early (pre-2270) red uniformed Starfleet Security branch, known for its high mortality rate. [Obsolete]
Ridgehead (noun)
A Klingon. Refers to distinctive Klingon cranial ridge. [Derogatory]
Ridge Out (verb)
To be consumed by a violent rage and lose all emotional control. Refers to Klingon tendency to violent temperament.
Rommie (noun)
A Romulan. [Derogatory]
Scrambler (noun)
An inept or inattentive transporter technician.
Sensors Locked (expression)
To become fixated on a member of the opposite sex.
Snowhead (noun)
An Andorian. [Derogatory]
Spoonhead (noun)
A Cardassian. Refers to spoon-shaped ridge on a Cardassian's forehead. [Derogatory - Bajoran origin]
Turtlehead (noun)
A Klingon. (see: Ridgehead) [Derogatory]
Vulcanised (adjective)
Something that has been made more complex or intricate than necessary.
Vulky (adjective)
Nerdy, bookish, boring. [Juvenile use]
Warp Off (verb)
To leave as quickly as possible.
Zap (verb)
To disrupt or stun with an energy weapon or electrical discharge. Example: "Fred got Zapped before he could react".
Zark (proper name)
Short form of Zarquon [exclamation] Examples: "Zark!", "for Zark's sake".
(verb, exclamation]
Examples: "Zark off", "Zark you", "Zarkkin' hell".
Zarquon (proper name)
Semi-divine being, a.k.a. Holy Zarquon, the Great Prophet Zarquon [exclamation] Examples: "Holy Zarquon's singing fishes", "for Zarquon's sake".
Ziffle (noun)
A Tellarite. [Derogatory - Origin unknown]
Zorch (verb)
To overload a system and render it (often temporarily) inoperative. Example: "They just Zorched our shields/sensors/transporters/etc..."

In literary terms, a group of works judged to be the authentic original works of an author. In the case of Star Trek, the term is applied to the television shows and movies produced by Norway Productions and the Star Trek offices of Paramount Pictures. These include Enterprise; Classic Star Trek; Star Trek, The Next Generation; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Star Trek: Voyager; and the ten Star Trek movies. These works form the basis for the "official continuity" of the series. Canon does not include any licensed products such as the Star Trek animated series or the novels, comics and games, nor does it include any fan-produced materials. This page is not canon, but it does strive to be consistent with canon.
Abbreviation for Pesky Omnipotent Being. See: YAGLA.
TARDIS (verb)
When the interior set for a vehicle or other enclosed space cannot possibly fit into the space suggested by the exterior set, matte painting, CGI image or miniature, it is commonly said to have been TARDISed. Examples in Star Trek are the Galileo shuttlecraft from Classic Trek, and the rear compartment of the runabout in TNG's Timescape. The term is a joking reference to the British TV series Doctor Who, the title character of which had a time travel ship called the T.A.R.D.I.S., which was immense on the inside, but appeared from the outside to be a common British police call box, the size of a telephone booth.
Acronym for Yet Another God-Like Alien, referring to extremely powerful beings the likes of Q or Squire Trelane. Also known as P.O.B. (qv).
Acronym for Yet Another Trek Inconsistancy. The author sincerely hopes this to be a YATI-free zone.

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