Updated September 16, 2004

The following Consolidated ICON Skills and Traits List is derived from published Last Unicorn Games Star Trek RPG products. Individual Specialisations, such as planets, species, art forms, martial arts styles, et cetera are covered only as examples and are not exhaustive.

This Skill may not be taken by Starfleet personnel.
This Skill may not be used Unskilled

Administration (Intellect)
Bureaucratic Manipulation, Conspiracy, Logistics, Specific Planetary Government, Organised Crime Family; Starship Administration
Behavior Modification (Intellect)
Brainwashing, Hypnotism, Resistance
Command (Presence)
Combat Leadership, Military Training, Starship Command
Diplomacy (Presence)
Commercial Treaties, Federation Law, Intergalactic Affairs, Intergalactic Law, Planetary Affairs (Earth, Vulcan, and so forth)
Espionage (Intellect)
Counterintelligence, Covert Communications, Cryptography, Forgery, Observation, Species-Specific Intelligence Techniques (Romulan, Andorian, etc.), Traffic Analysis
Persuasion (Presence)
Debate, Oratory, Storytelling
Mediation (Presence)
Civil, Commercial, Family, Political
Planetary Tactics (Intellect)
Guerrilla Warfare, Mechanized Ground, Shipboard, Small-Unit
Starship Tactics (Intellect)
Planetary Support Tactics, Specific Naval Tactics (Federation, Klingon, Romulan)
Strategic Operations (intellect)
Defense-in-Depth, Invasion Strategies, Neutral Zone Strategies, Specific Strategies (Core, Frontier, Sector)

Demolitions (Intellect)
Bomb Disposal, Booby Traps, Land Mines, Nuclear Demolitions, Primitive Demolitions, Shipboard Demolitions
Energy Weapon (Coordination)
Disruptor, Disruptor Rifle, Phaser, Phaser Rifle
Engineering, Material (Intellect)
Aeronautical/Aerodynamic, Civil, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Personal Equipment, Structural/Spaceframe, Vehicular
Engineering, Propulsion (Intellect)
Fusion, Impulse, Ion, Quantum Singularity Drive, Rocketry, Temporal Drive, Warp Drive
Engineering, Systems (Intellect)
Cloaking Device, Communications Systems, Computer Systems, Life Support, Phaser Systems, Power Systems, Sensor Systems, Shields, Temporal Systems, Torpedo/Probe Systems, Transporter Systems
First Aid (Intellect)
Chemical-Biological First Aid, Species-Specific First Aid, Wound/Combat Trauma
Heavy Weapons (Intellect)
Individual Weapon Type
Personal Equipment (Intellect)
Communicator, Environmental Suit, Medical Tricorder, Tricorder, Universal Translator
Projectile Weapon (Coordination)
Gunpowder Pistol, Gunpowder Riile, Submachine Gun, Needle Weapons, Gauss Weapons
Reconnaissance (Intellect)
Cartography, Forward Observer, Orienteering
Security (Intellect)
Crime Scene Investigations, Dissident Operations, Law Enforcement, Patrolling, Security Systems
Shipboard Systems (Intellect)
Cloaking Device, Command, Communications, Defensive Systems, Helm, Library Computer, Life Support, Navigation, Sensors, Shields, Tactical, Temporal Systems, Transporter, Weapons Systems
Unarmed Combat (Coordination)
Individual Combat Style
Vehicle Operation (Intellect)
Atmospheric Craft, Close Orbital Craft, Ground Vehicles, Shuttlecraft
Weaponsmith (Intellect)
Energy Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Primitive Weapons, Projectile Weapons, Specific Weapon Type

Computer (Intellect)
Computer Simulation/Modeling, Data Alteration/Hacking, Programming, Research
Life Sciences (Intellect)
Agronomy, Bioengineering, Biology, Bionics, Biotechnology, Botany, Ecology, Exobiology, Genetics, Microbiology, Paleontology, Zoology
Medical Sciences (Intellect)
Exoanatomy, Forensics, General Medicine, Pathology, Specific Species Medicine (Vulcan, Kiingon, etc.), Surgical Specializations, Toxicology
Physical Sciences (Intellect)
Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics
Planetary Sciences (Intellect)
Climatology, Geology, Hydrology, Mineralogy, Oceanography, Planetology, Volcanology
Psychology (Intellect)
Abnormal Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Lie Detection, Psychoanalysis, Psychology (Specific Race or Culture), Xenopsychology
Social Sciences (Intellect)
Anthropology, Archaeology, Economies. Geography, Historical Engineering, Paleoanthropology, Political Science, Sociology
Space Sciences (Intellect)
Astrogation, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Stellar Cartography, Warp Field Theory
World Knowledge (Intellect)
Specific Planet

Acrobatics (Coordination)
Balance Walking, Breakfall, Gymnastics, Mid-Air Dodge, Rope Swinging
Animal Handling (Presence)
Specific Animal
Artistic Expression (Intellect)
Acting, Dance, Drawing, Painting, Poetry, Singing, Specific Musical Instrument
Assassination (Intellect)
Assassination Devices, Deadly Blows, Deadly Sabotage, Poisons, Stealthy Attacks, Traps and Snares
Athletics (Fitness)
Climbing, Jumping, Lifting, Specific Sport/Game, Running
Bargain (Presence)
Artwork, Bribery, Dilithium Crystals, Marketplace Haggling, Weapons
Charm (Presence)
Influence, Seduction
Concealment (Intellect)
Cache Supplies, Conceal Smuggled Objects, Conceal Weapon
Craft (varies)
Chef, Jeweller, Potter, Tailor
Culture (Intellect)
Specific Culture
Disguise (Presence)
Specific Species
Dodge (Coordination)
Fast Talk (Intellect)
Forgery (Coordination)
Currency, Identity Documentation, Specific Type of Art, Specific Type of Currency
Focus (Willpower)
Concentration, Meditation, Ignore Pain
Gaming (Intellect)
Specific Game
History (Intellect)
Specific Organization, Specific Planet, Specific Species
Instruction (Presence)
Critical Thinking, Exocultural, Teaching
Intimidation (Presence)
Bluffing, Bluster, Cross Examination, Interrogation, Torture
Knowledge (Intellect)
(each area of Knowledge is a separate Skill)
Languages (Intellect)
(each Language is a separate Skill)
Law (Intellect)
Federation Law, Specific Planetary/Government Laws, Starfleet Regulations
Merchant (Intellect)
Appraising/Selling Stolen Goods, Specific Business Type, Specific Market, Specific Product
Mimicry (Intellect)
Specific Species, Specific Sex
Planetside Survival (Intellect)
Arctic, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Mountain, Ocean, Specific World, Urban, Orienteering
Politics (Intellect)
Intelligence, Manoeuvre, Propaganda
Primitive Weaponry (Coordination)
Bat'leth, Chaka, D'k tagh, Lirpa, Longbow, Mek'leth, Rapier, Sword
Search (Intellect)
Sleight of Hand
Conceal Weapons, Magic Tricks, Pick Pocket
Stealth (Coordination)
Hide, Stealthy Movement
Streetwise (Intellect)
Locate Contraband, Underworld of Specific Planet or Species
Surveillance (Intellect)
Bugging, Electronic Surveillance, Observation, Shadowing, Standard Surveillance
Throwing (Fitness)
Grenades, Throwing Blades, Specific Weapon Type
Tracking (Intellect)
Specific Planet, Specific Animal Type, Bipedal
Ventriloquism (Presence)

Clairvoyance (Psi)
Cascades: Far Seeing, Precognition
Mind Control (Psi)
Mind Meld (Psi)
Mind Shield (Psi)
Psionic Negation (Cascade skill, Mind Shield prerequisite)
Reflective Mind Shield (Cascade skill, Mind Shield prerequisite)
Precognition (Psi)
Projective Empathy (Psi)
Cascades: Empathic Attack, Empathic Healing
Protective Telepathy (Psi)
Cascades: Illusion Creation, Induce Trance
Receptive Empathy (Psi)
Receptive Telepathy (Psi)
Cascades: Psychometry, Psychosense
Cascades: Electromanipulation, Telekinetic Manipulation, Thermokinesis
Temporal Projection
Temporal Sense
Time Shift
Time Stop

Vulcan Psionics
Mind Meld (Psi)
Khat-t'kel (Mind Preservation)
The Path of Khat
Khat-Kutha ("Mind Shield") (Psi or Presence)
Khat-Kel ("Mind Bar") (Psi or Presence) (Cascade skill, Mind Shield prerequisite)
The Path of Lis
Lisjana ("Confuse the Senses") (Psi) (Cascade skill, Projective Telepathy prerequisite)
Lispata ("Mislead the Senses") (Psi) (Cascade skill, Lisjana and shalis crystal prerequisites)
Liskel'Tu ("Blind Senses") (Psi) (Cascade skill, Lisjana and shalis crystal prerequisites)
The Path of Plat
Plat-Vok ("Share Mind") (Psi)
Plat-Ra ("Switch Mind") (Psi)
The Path of Rha
Rha-Tel ("Control Body") (Presence)
Rah-Tel-Pan ("Master Body") (Presence) (Cascade skill, Rha-Tel prerequisite)
Rah-Fak ("Enhance Fitness") (Presence)
Rah-Fak-Pan ("Enhance Body") (Presence) (Cascade skill, Rha-Tel and Rah-Fak prerequisites)
The Path of Shan
Shantip ("Healing Trance") (Psi)
Shan-Laka ("Healing Touch") (Psi) (Cascade skill, Shantip and Mind Meld prerequisites)
The Path of Tas
Tashaka ("Detect Psychic Traces") (Psi)
Taskefa ("Read Psychic Traces") (Psi) (Cascade skill, Tashaka and Mind Meld prerequisites)
The Path of Vhos
Vhoshanta ("Body Reading") (Intellect)
Vhoslan ("Body Knowledge") (Intellect) (Cascade skill, Vhoshanta prerequisite)

Absolute Sense of Time (+2)
Alertness (+2)
Alien Upbringing (+1)
Ally (+2 to +5)
Ambidexterity (+2)
Artistic Talent (+1)
Asset (varies)
Athletic Ability (+2)
Battle-Hardened (+3)
Benefactor (+2 to +5)
Bold (+1)
Cohort (+2 to +6) (Romulan)
Contraband (varies)
Commendation (+1 to +3)
Contact (+1 to +3)
Cultural Fexibility (+1)
Curious (+1)
Dataport (+1)
Deep Cover (+2)
Department Head (+1 to +4)
Double-Jointed (+2)
Eidetic Memory (+3)
Enhanced Vision (+2)
Engineering Aptitude (+5)
Excellent Balance (+1)
Excellent Chemoreception (+1)
Excellent Hearing (+2)
Excellent Metabolism (+1)
Excellent Sight (+2)
Famous Incident (varies)
False Identity (Deep Cover) +2
Favor Owed (+1)
Fighting Master (+2)
Great House (+1) (Vulcan)
Guileful +1
Haven (varies)
Hereditary Benefit (varies)
High Pain Threshold (+2)
Historical Aptitude (+2)
Indomitable (+2)
Innovative (+1)
Instant Calculator (+1)
Kolinahr (+4) (Vulcan)
Language Ability (+2)
Lightning Calculator (+1)
Line Officer (+1 to +4)
Mathematical Ability (+3)
Medical Remedy (varies)
Mixed Species Heritage (+6)
Multitasking (+2)
No Record +1
Night Vision (+2)
Patron (+2 to+4)
Pattern Recognition (+3)
Peripheral Vision (+1)
Promotion (+0 to ?+)
Psionically Gifted (+3)
Quantum Sense (+2)
Quick-Draw (+2)
Radiation Resistance (+1)
Rapid Healing (+1)
Resistant (+2 to +4)
Resolute (+3)
Scientific Genius (+3)
Security Clearance (+1, +3, +5)
Sense Of Direction (+1)
Sense Of Time (+1)
Sexy (+2)
Sixth Sense (+4)
Species Friend (+2 to +5)
Shrewd (+1)
Strong Will (+2)
Synergy (+3)
Tactical Genius (+3)
Telepathic Resistance (+4)
Vessel (varies)
Weapon Master (+2 or +4)
Zero-G Training (+2)

Addiction (-1 to -3)
Amnesia (-2 to -4)
Argumentative (-1)
Arrogant (-1)
Bad Reputation (-2 or -4)
Bloodlust (-2)
Chronic Pain (-2)
Clan Shame (-1) (Andorian)
Code of Honor (-2 to-5)
Competitive (-1)
Compulsion (-1 to -3)
Coward (-2)
Dark Secret (-1 to -3)
Dark Secret Revealed (-2 to -4)
Dependent (-2)
Divorced (-1) (Andorian)
Domineering (-1)
Duplicate (-2 or -3)
Expatriate (-1 to -4)
Fanatic (-2 to -3)
Greedy (-1)
Guilt (-1)
Hedonist (-1)
Hides Emotions (-2)
Hypochondria (-1)
Imprudent (-1)
Impulsive (-1)
Inept (-1)
Intolerant (-1 to -3)
Low Pain Threshold (-2)
Medical Problem (-1 or -5)
No Past (-2)
Obligation (-1 to -3)
Obsessive Tendencies (-1 or -5)
Outcast (-1 to -4)
Pacifism (-1 to -5)
Phobia (-2 to-5)
Physically Impaired (-1 to -5)
Poor Chemoreception (-1)
Poor Hearing (-1)
Poor Sight (-2)
Power Hungry (-1 to -2)
Prideful (-1)
Primitive (-1 to -5)
Reprimand (-1)
Rival (-1 to -3)
Shamed (varies)
Slow Healing (-2)
Species Enemy (-3 to -5)
Stubborn (-1)
Sworn Enemy (-1 to -3)
Temporal Intolerance (-1)
Thrill Seeker -1
Vengeful (-1 to -2)
Wanted (-1 to -4)
Watched (-2)
Weak Will (-2)
Weakness (-2)
Wrongfully Accused (-1 to -4)
Zero-G Intolerance (-2)

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