Name:Federation Deepspace Research Facility
Type: Research Station
Location: Dobhran Sector
Commissioning Date: 2273
Hull Characteristics:
Size/Structure: 2 (3 decks with 3 deck superstructure)
Resistance: 3
Structural Points: 150
Docking: 4 standard docking collars
Personnel Characteristics:
Crew/Inhabitants/Capacity: 8/32/43 [3 Power/round]
Entertainment: 3 [9 Power/round]
Systems Characteristics:
Computers: 6 [6 Power/round]
Transporters: 1 personnel, 1 cargo [1 Power/round] 1 experimental [+3 Power/round]
Tractor Beams: 1 dorsal [2 Power/rating used]
Power: 100
Sensor Systems:
Long-range Sensors: +0/5 light years [6 Power/round]
Lateral Sensors: +0/1 light year [4 Power/round]
Sensors Skill: 4
Internal Security: 2
Weapons Systems:
Defensive Systems:
Starfleet Deflector Shield
80/80/80/80 (120)
Power: [80]
The Federation Deepspace Research Facility station is a small self-sufficient space station intended for scientific and engineering R&D. These stations are normally deployed in uninhabited systems to avoid collteral damage should a disaster occur, so they do not normally have small craft assigned to them. They are almost always deployed well within Federation territory, so they are unarmed, although they do feature deflector shields.

The statistics given here are for the latest upgrades and new-build stations in the late 24th century, complete with holodeck and replicators.

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