Class/Type: Oberth Class Scout
Commissioning Date: 2275
Hull Characteristics
Size: 3 (148.77m long, 5 decks)
Resistance: 2
Structure: 60
Operations Characteristics
Crew/Passengers: 24/0
[3 pwr/round]
Computers: 3
[2 pwr/round]
Transporters: 2 personnel, 1 cargo
[1 pwr/round]
Tractor Beams: 1 av
[2/rating used]
Propulsion & Power Characteristics
Warp System: 5.0/9.2/9.6 (6 hours)
[2/warp factor]
Impulse System: .5/.75c
[5/7 pwr/round]
Power: 115
Sensor Systems
Long-range Sensors: +1/15 light-years
[6 pwr/round]
Lateral Sensors: +1/1 light-year
[4 pwr/round]
Navigational Sensors: +1
[5 pwr/round]
Sensor Skill: 4
Weapons Systems
Type VI Phaser:
Range: 10/30,000/100,000/300,000
Arc: All (720 degrees)
Accuracy: 5/6/8/11
Damage: 12
Power: [12]
Weapons Skill: 4
Defensive Systems
Starfleet Deflector Shield:
Protection: 36/50
Power: [36]
Notable Ships
USS Oberth NCC-620
USS Bonestell NCC-31600
USS Biko NCC-50331
USS Cochrane NCC-59318
USS Copernicus NCC-623
USS Grissom NCC-638
USS Marek NCC-6946
USS Olympia NCC-53124
USS Pegasus NCC-53847
USS Presnell NCC-1997
USS Raman NCC-59983
USS Tsiolkovsky NCC-53911
SS Vico NAR-18834
USS Yosemite NCC-19002
Description & Notes:
The Oberth Class Scout is an older design. It has a small saucer section atop a T-shaped secondary hull with a large sensor pod slung beneath it. The Warp nacelles are attached to the cross-bars of the secondary hull.

Note that the statistics above differ slightly from the official stats given in the Star Trek, The Next Generation Role Playing Game Core Rule Book by Last Unicorn Games. This reflects my views that the official game stats show the ship as being slightly too large and with far too large a crew and way too many decks.


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