For a century, the Oberth Class Scout has been one of the workhorses of Starfleet's exploration effort. The Class has been subject to multiple upgrades during its service life, but is now beginning to show its age and is slated to be replaced by the Nova Class Surveyor over the next decade.

The Oberth's primary mission is firstline exploration, ahead of the larger Explorers. It is used both by Starfleet and by civilian agencies to explore and map uncharted space and newly discovered planets. It has a comprehensive suite of sensors and laboratories.

The small saucer contains the bridge, quarters for the ship's crew, several laboratories and three small shuttlebays. The extended secondary hull contains more laboratory space and the engineering spaces. The underslung pod contains the ship's matter and antimatter fuel supplies as well as the main long-range and lateral sensor equipment and the probe launcher. This pod is normally unmanned, but maintenance spaces may be accessed via Jefferies Tubes.

The Bridge, Captain's Ready Room and Main Briefing Room are on Deck 1 at the top of the saucer. Most of the crew accomodations are on Deck 2 and consist of two bed/sitting rooms connected by a head. The Captain and First Officer have full cabins on Deck 3. The ship has no holodeck, but does have a small exercise room on Deck 4 and a crew lounge/mess hall on Deck 2. The central core of the saucer is taken up by a 2¾ deck high Stellar Cartography/Astrometrics Lab. The 3 small shuttlebays are on Deck 3, separated by Cargo Bays 1 and 2. Deck 3 also houses the ship's Sickbay and Transporter Rooms. Security and the Brig are on Deck 4, as are Main Engineering and the ship's shop spaces.

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