Type 7 Shuttlecraft Deckplan

The cockpit of the Type 7 Shuttlecraft has freestanding Flight Control (CONN) and Operations Management (Ops) consoles to either side of a central accessway. The forward end of the accessway opens up to allow entry to the shuttle - the floor panel hinges down to from a ramp and the forward bulkhead swings up.

The passenger compartment seats six in two rows facing inward. This compartment is equipped with a food and beverage replicator, LCARS access terminals, emergency transporter and auxiliary status monitors for the drive systems. The passenger facilities may be removed to allow the shuttlecraft to serve as a cargo shuttle. In this configuration, the side bulkheads open up in "gull-wing" fashion to allow loading.

The aft compartment houses the warp core assembly, impulse drive, computer and the deuterium\antideuterium tanks.

Statistics for the Type 7 Shuttlecraft are identical to those of the Type 6 Shuttlecraft on page 221 of the Star Trek, The Next Generation Core Rule Book, with the addition of an emergency beam-out transporter.

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