Baker's World

Baker's World, with its fine spaceport at Bakersville, is capital and hub of the AOFW, and is the source of the unofficial name "Baker's Dozen" applied to the alliance. This tradeworld is rich in mineral wealth, though much of it is in deep deposits. Its open trade policies are intended to bring in the money to develop the planet's resources.

Baker's World Townsman and Police officer

Lt. David Baker, founder   Current president W. Baker

The inhabitants of Baker's World are proud of their planet and their government. There is virtually no hardcore criminal element, and there are few restrictions on free expression. Though the government is openly representative, the residents are perfectly happy to let the executive control rest with Council President Willis J.F. Baker, latest in the popular and highly charismatic Baker dynasty of leaders and statesmen. President Baker also serves as leader of the AOFW Council.

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