Colil V
Cold, dry, inhospitable Colil V is the site of extensive Preserver Ruins, located under the ice, and it has no population other than the scientific station. Unauthorised traffic is prohibited within one parsec of the planet, the protected status of the planet being backed up by Starfleet, which has a unique arrangement with the AOFW allowing the vessels and crews to be commanded by AOFW naval officers. The AOFW Science Council allows small, unarmed scientific research teams to inspect the ruins, but only those from cultures that have legitimate claim to Preserver interaction. Delegations from the UFP, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, Orion Colonies, AOFW, and Vulcan Science Council are resident, along with a large guard force provided by the AOFW.

AOFW Naval officer and station guard

Miscellaneous scientists

Scientists must wear isolation suits within the ruins. These are not stealth suits like those worn at Prime Directive observation Duck Blinds, merely environmental isolation garments. Scientists get around the ruin site using small 2-place air cars. These are open to atmosphere and are not capable of achieving orbit.

Scientists use a variety of hand-held and non-portable sensor and computational units to analyse artifacts.

The Preserver ruins on Colil V are a city-sized complex deep under the ice. One tower projects above the ice, allowing entry to the complex below. It has a series of inactive lift tubes leading down and a number of rooms of unknown purpose.

Many objects have been found among the ruins. Some are small, inert metal ingots, perhaps coins, with indecipherable embossed makings. Others appear to be tools or weapons, but are corroded and inoperable.

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