Hoot, a member of the AOFW, has no trade restrictions, and, hence, no black market. Its major export is foodstuffs, especially the meat of the giant Hoot Mountainbeasts. Govenments are largely territorial, but most maintain the pretense, at least, of a representative structure.

Hoot is wild and wooly, even by Triangle standards. Originally a penal colony, the originating worlds long ago abandoned any hope of controlling the planet's affairs. The social environment is much like the American Old West of legend. The "law" on Hoot is administered by whoever is best with a phaser. A complex code of personal ethics governs eveyday life, requiring a person to fight his own battles and treat with respect and deference those who are faster, tougher or luckier. In the City of Corbie, the Chief Enforcement Officer is former hired gun "Lightnin' Len" Forest. For Len's bio, click on the name tab below.

"Lightnin' Len" Forest

Ranchers and gunmen of Hoot.

Gunmen of Hoot, or "Hooters" as they are known, prefer disruptor weapons of modern Romulan design.

Romulan Disruptor pistol.

Hoot Mountainbeast steak.

Mountainous terrain of Hoot.

Hoot has a variety of large beasts native to its rugged mountains. The Giant Hoot Mountainbeast is prized for its meat and its long Yak-like hair. A large carnivorous reptile serves as a beast of burden and for transportation.

Giant Hoot Mountainbeast and carnivorous reptilian Hoot Riding Beast

Two predators take down a herbivore native to Hoot.

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