This tradeworld is a member of the AOFW. As with most tradeworlds, there are no tariffs or import/export duties. The world economy is supported by taxes and rents. Both individuals and corporations are taxed, and rents are collected from land leased tp trade associations, trading firms, and the support businesses required by such a trade centre.
Male and female Andorians.

Jav is wholly owned by the Jav Freetrade Corporation, chartered on Andor and traded on the UFP Stock Exchange. Investors in the corporation are mostly happy, because a good share of the increasing amount of Triangle trade moves through the main port of Javlisig. Orion tradworld of the Turnstile cut into Jav profits often, however, and the Jav Freetrade Corporationis attempting vigourously to remain competitive as a trade centre. Cooperation between Baker's World andf Jav has proved to be in a help in this, as has membership in the AOFW.

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