This industrial world is noteworthy for the endless miles of canyons bounded by mountains that give it its name. The metallic content of these mountains is close to the surface and easily mined, and active volcanic channels have been tapped for endless reserves of geothermal power.

Maze was called "the strong arm of the Void" by the Baker's World poet Lee Chan. lt is not a green and fertile world, but its work-hardened inhabitants would not wish to live elsewhere. Family pride is important here, and there is a strong work ethic. Trade in purely luxury items is uncommon, as the residents engage in simple leisure activities, disdaining "soft" living.

A world-wide problem with addiction to steroid-like drugs that build physical strength and endurance at the expense of intellect is said to worry the planetary government a great deal. Such drugs are highly illegal, and smuggling of such drugs can bring the only death penalty left on the books on Maze.

Canyons of Maze.

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