Morning Garden
Morning Garden, settled by a pacifistic sect of mixed Terran Asians and Vulcans, depends economically on fishing and agriculture, including cultivation of aquatic plantlife. Violence is abhorrent to the nature of the inhabitants, who will not tolerate violent behaviour in any for and deport immediately those who show violent tendencies. Klingons are unwelcome because of repeated incidents of violence between them and other visiting outworlders.

Vulcan and Asian Human settlers.

Morning Garden's ruling body, The Gathering of Advisers, is currently considering affiliation with the AOFW. It has agreed in principle to trade and mutual protection treatieswith the AOFW, and those are in force presently. UFP and Orion negotiators are also courting Morning Garden, however. The government, like the populace, does not make decisions lightly or quickly, and it is likely to be several years before a final decision is reached.

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