New New Aberdeen
A daughter colony of the economically powerful New Aberdeen industrial planet (a UFP world), New New Aberdeen has become wealthy on the skill of its resident ship designers and builders, and on the completeness of its orbital and surface-based port facilities. New New Aberdeen ships and wealth provide support for the AOFW, and much money obtained by building and repairing ships for outworlders gets funnelled back into AOFW coffers through loans and taxes.

Men generally wear a kilt and sporran (purse). Swords are worn for formal functions, and a dirk is almost always worn in the stocking. A gentleman is not considered "dressed" without a Phaser in his sporran.

Formal and casual wear.

Claymore, Broadsword and Dirk

The Council of Clans, the primary ruling body, is supportive of the UFP and loyal to the original New Aberdeen clans. Even so, New New Aberdeen is one of the political and economic bulwarks of AOFW independance, backing the AOFW during the Colil Crisis against the UFP. Many of the ancient Terran Scottish traditions remain, transplanted from the parent world.

The Klingon Empire made the mistake of defaulting on a ship construction deal here, so Klingon ships are banned from the repair facilities, except in life-threatening emergencies. Many local clansmen of the shipwright guilds lost jobs because of the default, and many still hold a grudge because of it.

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