Paxton III

Paxton Ill, a member-world of the AOFW settled as a mining colony by Tellarites, has an economy based largely on its underground mines. The world's output is now largely spent on conducting the war it has waged, on and off, with its system neighbor Paxton IV since early in the twin worlds' history. The planet is under martial law, and the Planetary Chief Executive has been granted wide powers during the crisis.

A Tellarite miner.

AOFW restrictions keep the conflict from spreading outside the Paxton system. So far, the warfare has been restricted to space battles and attacks on purely military targets. Initiated over mining rights to the uninhabited, atmosphereless world Paxton V, the conflict has long since spread beyond a disagreement over mining rights. Ironically, neither Paxton world currently mines Paxton V, as both have given up after having mining stations there blown up on a regular basis. The war effort is no longer as popular as it once was, though Paxton III's economy, largely based on mines safe from enemy attack, remains strong. There are reports of press gangs who forcibly induct visitors and citizens alike into the armed forces, but these are unconfirmed. Such actions against non-citizens would be a violation of AOFW law.

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