Paxton IV
Paxton IV, primarily an agricultural colony, has suffered more from the war with the neighboring Paxton III. This is primarily because its economy is based on fruits and other tropical plants that grow on the surface, and their limited metallic resources force them to purchase much metal from off-world. The War Council of the planet holds most of the real power, with the peacetime government mostly serving as a figurehead.

Farmers and an army officer.

Settled soon afterthe settling of the Tellarite mining colony on Paxton III, the Human colonists desired new sources of metal and minerals to supplement the small local supplies. They established a small mining effort on Paxton V as an experiment, but this was disputed by the Tellarites. The result was war, which continues still. For Paxton IV, obtaining some in-system mining rights is a matter of long-term survival, and the settlers are not likely to give up the fight.

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