Prime Teams feature prominently in ADB's Prime Directive series of RPGs (Prime Directive; and PD Gurps, PD20, PD20 Modern, and PD Traveller, all produced under license). in the Star Trek: Universe series of campaigns, I decided to introduce the concept of such a Mission: Impossible-style team. Composed of 4-8 Starfleet personnel (and the odd civilian) from a selection of service branches, Prime Teams were established during the Dominion War, often operating behind enemy lines.. Based on starships or stations, and occassionally assigned to a fleet, they use a small ship such as a Runabout to arrive at their assigned operational position. This ship serves as their base of operations and means of exfiltration. A Prime Team typically consists of a Command Officer, a Sciences/Medical Oficer, an Engineer, one or more RRTs, and often an Intelligence officer.

A typical Prime Team

The Black Eagles are the team given as an example in the original Prime Directive rulebook. In that book, they are stationed aboard the USS Saratoga, but I have them stationed on Cretok Nor.

Black Eagles Prime Team
Black Eagles Prime Team Commander
Lieutenant Commander Raymond Peltier Human male
Black Eagles Prime Team Intelligence
Lieutenant T'Pon Vulcan female
Black Eagles Prime Team Medical Officer
Lieutenant Minx Massing, MD Human female
Black Eagles Prime Team Engineer
Lieutenant (junior grade) Azundur'kar Cygnan female
Black Eagles Prime Team RRT NCO
Chief Petty Officer Adrianna Bansett Centauran female
Black Eagles Prime Team Heavy Weapons
Petty Officer (3c) H'Ruusti Miens Rigellian male

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