Dobhran Sector

Dobhran Sector Map
NameXYZ Notes
Angharad IV+6-1-10Federation mining colony
Black's World-4+8+2Independant colony world
Jorala II-5+9+3Independant world
Kelvar Alpha III+5+9+10Klingon colony world
Norpin V+9-6+9Federation colony world
Qurath-1-9+10Klingon colony world
Rhys VI-9-6+2Early industrial culture - interdicted under Prime Directive
Samara IV-8-7-3Independant world - early warp capability
Taran-6-4-2Bronze age culture - interdicted under Prime Directive
York A II-5-4-3Federation member world
Comm Station 425+2-9-3Federation Communications Relay Station
Deep Space 14+7-5+3Federation Deep Space Observatory
Epsilon XII-1+7-1Federation Monitoring Station
FDR 39+7-5+3Federation Deepspace Research Facility
Kelvar Beta+4+9+10Klingon industrial base
Starbase 21-5+8-8Federation Starbase
Stellar Phenomena
Gamma 626-7+10-3Black Hole
Dyson One+4-6-10Dyson Sphere
The Dobhran Sector is a fairly ordinary sector of the Federation on the edge of Klingon Space. Its only real claims to fame are the Dyson Sphere and the Gamma 626 singularity. A Federation presence is maintained by Starbase 21, the main Starfleet installation in the sector.

In 2372, the mining colony at Angharad IV was taken by Klingon forces, but was returned to the Federation following the end of hostilities.

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